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Finance Lesson #02


Bible Perspectives
Lesson #02

  • Memory verse: Luk 16:11
  • Review:
    • What were the three concepts of our previous lesson?
  • Man’s perspective of God:
    • From the previous lesson we have begun to change our perspective of God. Man needs a correct perspective of God:
      • …to understand God’s economic system.
      • …to function correctly in God’s economic system.
    • The quality of man’s life is determined by his perspective of God.
      • For example, in our previous lesson we learned that everything belongs to God. He is the owner, the Lord.
        • With this perspective, Job could suffer the lack of wealth that he previously enjoyed.
          • The three reasons that God permits difficult economic circumstances in the life of the believer:
            • =1= To fulfill His plans.
            • =2= To develop character.
              • Read Rom 5:3,4
            • =3= To discipline His children.
              • Read Heb 12: 6, 10, 11
        • With this perspective, Moses could give up the riches of Egypt to follow God to the desert.
          • Read Luk 14:33
        • With this perspective, the Christian can go through any situation in life with the attitude of contentment.
  • From these three concepts that we learned in our previous lesson, we can see that God has His part and that man has his part in God’s economic system.
    • When the believer understands which parts are the responsibilities of God and which parts are the responsibilities of man, he has contentment.
      • Read Phi 4:11-12
        • Financial contentment can be learned. This is a benefit of this class.


  • The responsibility that God has and the part that God fulfills in His economic system:
  • Concept #1


  • God has responsibility for His property.
    • Because everything belongs to God, He has responsibility over all these things.
      • Therefore, with responsibility comes the authority of His position.
    • The believer must recognize this position that God has and His authority over everything.
      • In what ways can the believer recognize the responsibility of God’s ownership?
        • The believer must surrender to God the ownership of all his material possessions by means of prayer.
          • Read Luk 14:33
    • What are the consequences in the life of the believer that surrenders to God all his possessions?
      • Usually God tests the believer’s decision.
        • The most important thing to Abraham was his son.
          • How did God test Abraham?
            • Read Gen 22:2-12
        • Usually the believer must surrender his possessions frequently because we take our possessions off the altar and consider that they belong to us.
  • Contemplation and discussion:
    • What unique thing has the highest importance in your life?
    • How will the believer take care of possessions when he knows that God is the owner?
    • Contentment is the result when the believer surrenders his possessions to God because God now has the responsibility of any bad thing that happens to those possessions.
      • When you don’t have contentment, what does this tell you about your relationship with God?
  • Concept #2
  • God has responsibility of control over everything.
  • The Lord of all things controls all things, and in Him all things exist.
  • Read Col 1:17 ( Isa 45:6-7)
  • Read Rom 8:28-29
  • It is important that the believer recognize that God uses His power to control the circumstances even though those circumstances can be good circumstances or bad circumstances.
  • If God has control, why does God permit the bad circumstances in the life of the believer?
  • The example is the life of Joseph.
    • Read Gen 45:5-8
    • Read Gen 50:20
  • Contemplation and discussion:
  • What are the results in the life of the Christian when the believer does not permit God to have control of the circumstances?
  • If the circumstances in the life of the Christian are difficult, what does it say about the character of God in His relationship to the believer?
  • Concept #3
  • God has the responsibility of provision.
  • Because the character of God is love, it is the desire of God to provide the benefits for His children.
  • Read Mat 6:33
  • Read 1Kin 17:4, 6
  • Read Phi 4:19
  • God is absolutely faithful to fulfill His responsibility to provide for our needs.
  • However, what man does not know is the way of God’s provision.
    • Read 1Tim 6:8
      • Because God controls all things, He makes the final decision of how these basic needs are met.
      • Notice that God promises to provide for man’s needs.
        • What is the difference between a need and something that we desire?
  • Contemplation:
  • In what ways do you need to change your attitudes between needs and desires?
  • In what ways do you need to change your attitudes when other believers receive more from God than what you receive?
  • Concept #4
  • God uses His authority and His sovereignty to dispense the wealth of the world to whomever He chooses and in whatever quantity that He desires.
    • Read 1Chr 29:12,14
      • God has authority to remove what previously He gave.
        • Read Job 1:20-22
          • Is this concept of God just?
    • Read Rom 2:11
      • How do you explain the inequality in the kingdom of God?
        • Read Psa 139:3, 4, 16
        • Read Mat 10:30
  • Contemplation and discussion:
    • In what ways does the knowledge of the supreme sovereignty of God resolve this problem of inequality?

This is a self-study. Please do not send homework answers to the teacher forcorrection.

  • What changes have been made in your attitudes on account of the four concepts in this lesson in the following areas:
    • …your attitudes toward God.
    • …your attitudes toward the blessings that other believers receive.
    • …your attitudes toward money and possessions.


  • Read Mat 11:28-30
  • How does God promote contentment in the believer by means of His promises of provision, His authority of control, and His responsibility of ownership?

Memory verse: 1Cor 4:2

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