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Finance Lesson #04


Bible Perspectives
Lesson #04

  • Memory verse: Heb 11:6
  • We have learned that there are two economic systems, the system of the world and God’s system. We have discovered that God’s system requires faithfulness in all ways in the life of the believer. Now we will learn another concept in God’s financial system.


  • The responsibility that man has and the part that man fulfills in the economic system of God:
  • Concept #2


  • Faith activates the account of the believer.
  • In all ways God’s system operates on the standard of faith.
    • Read Heb 11:1
    • Read 2Cor 5:7
    • Read 2Cor 4:18
  • By faith the believer obtains salvation for eternal life.
  • By faith the believer obtains the blessings of God
  • By faith the believer receives the answers to prayer.
  • By faith the believer maintains his dependency on God.


  • God’s economic system and the way in which it functions:


  • Read Pro 10:3
  • Read Pro 10:16
  • Read Pro 10:30
  • In the world’s economic system, a person opens an account in the bank and puts into the account a quantity of money. Then the person can withdraw the small quantities of money to pay his expenses until no money remains in the account.
  • In God’s economic system, a person opens an account in heaven when he receives Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. However, while there is a quantity of riches without limits in heaven, the account of the new believer is inactive.
    • Read Mat 6:19-21, 32-33
    • When the believer gives to God and God’s work, he deposits in the account a quantity. Then, to withdraw from the account an amount for an economic need in his life, the believer needs to use his faith, like an access number, by means of prayer to ask God for a specific quantity that meets a need.
      • His faith, in the promise of God in Phil 4:19 and Luk 6:38, frees the quantity according to the measure with which the believer gave to God.
      • What is different in God’s economy is that the account is never vacant because the riches of God do not have limits and because the spiritual interest is more abundant. The interest is composed of what the believer gave to God in the form of service and offerings. (Luk 6:38)
  • The four requirements to maintain an active position in the account of the believer:
  • =1= The faithfulness of the believer, as an administrator of God’s economy, maintains God’s order of things.
    • We have already discussed faithfulness in our previous lesson.
  • =2= Faith liberates God’s economy to favor the believer. (2Cor 5:7)
    • Read Luk 12:28
      • We have discussed faith in this lesson.
  • =3= The integrity of the life of the believer maintains the flow of blessings from God.
    • Read 2Cor 4:2
    • Read Jam 4:1-3
      • Soon we are going to speak about integrity of character.
  • =4= Giving establishes the measure of receiving.
    • Read Luk 6:38
      • Now we are going to talk about giving to God and to God’s work.
  • Principles of giving:
  • To whom must the believer give?
    • Give to the poor.
      • Read Pro 28:27
    • Give to the church.
      • Read 1Tim 5:17-18
    • Give to the work of God that extends God’s kingdom.
      • Read Luk 10:2
  • Attitudes for giving:
    • The believer must give in secret.
      • Read Mat 6:2-4
    • The believer must give sacrificially.
      • Read Luk 21:1-4
    • The believer must give following his own free will.
      • Read 2Cor 9:5-7
    • The believer must understand that giving is a privilege.
      • Read 2Cor 8:4
    • The believer must give with a pure motive.
      • Read 2cor 8:3
    • The believer must give to express his love.
      • Read 2Cor 8:8
    • The believer must give without obligation or compulsion.
      • Read 2Cor 9:6-7
    • The believer must give with joy.
      • Read 2Cor 9:7

This is a self-study. Please do not send homework answers to the teacherfor correction.

  • Make a list with the dates of the quantities that you gave to God in the past year. What is the sum total of money that you gave to God over the past year?


  • From the dates you can determine the consistency of your faithfulness to God. Which words would you choose to express your level of faithfulness?
  • Weak
  • Strong
  • Constant
  • Sporadic
  • Consistent
  • Contradictory
  • Never
  • Some times
  • Always

Memory verse: Luk 6:38

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