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Finance Lesson #09


Bible Perspectives
Lesson #09

  • Memory verse: Proverbs 12:15
    • Review:
      • You have learned many scriptures and many principles in God’s economic system.
      • You have examined your method of giving to God and the way that God will give to you. (Luc 6:38)
      • You have learned the value of a budget to guide your family over the next year.
      • You have examined your method of spending that possibly put you in debt.
      • You have examined your level of debt.
      • You have examined the possibilities of removing debt.
        • Before you make drastic changes in your lifestyle, three are other things to consider.
          • Every change that you make to your lifestyle will have consequences in other parts of your life. Because of that, the principle of balance in your life is important.
            • For example, if the husband makes the decision to change suddenly the method of spending money without consulting his wife, he can cause other problems in the marriage.
              • One of the major causes of problems in marriage is the use of money.


  • Wisdom of Unity in the Home:


  • There is a principle in the Bible of the power of unity. This principle flows through all the areas of life and it includes finances.
    • Read Joh 17:11, 21-22
      • If the husband and the wife are Christians, unity in the home is easier.
      • If one is not a Christian, the unity between the husband and wife is not impossible in finances, especially when the non-believer knows that the finances are a problem in the home.
        • Therefore, in all ways that are possible, the husband and his wife must make these decisions together concerning finances in order to achieve success in finances and in marriage. The two are one flesh.
          • Read Gen 2:24
            • Discuss in your class the consequences and the examples of financial decisions made by one member of the marriage without the cooperation or approval of the other.
    • God honors unity with success.
      • The principle of unity in any area of life, in the family, in the church, or in the nation, is like the principle of compound interest. In the same way as the principle of compound interest, the Christian wants to be on the good side of the principle to be sure that the principle works to favor him and does not work against him. The Christian wants this principle of unity to work in favor of him. Therefore, he wants to be on the side of unity for good.
        • Unity for evil produces power also. The tower of Babel is the example in Scripture.
          • Read Gen 11:1-7 (Notice verses 1 and 6.)
      • When there is unity for good, God honors that unity with the power of success. This power is compounded.
        • Because of this unity in your home around a financial plan is very important for its success.
        • Because of this it is necessary to follow the steps of your plan methodically by all the members of the family after you have established your general plan.


  • The General Plan:

Your general plan must contain the following elements:


  • =1= The quantity that you and your spouse have decided to give to God solidly on a regular basis without fail.
  • =2= The budget that you and your spouse have decided is good for you.
  • =3= The plan to reduce the debt that you and your spouse have decided to pay off.
  • (Discuss in the class any question or problem that the students have in these three areas of the elements of the general plan.)
  • After you and your spouse have completed your written plan, there are necessary steps that many people fail to fulfill. The lack of these steps can cause the defeat of your plan.
  • You must determine to fulfill the plan as if it is the plan from God for your life.
    • Obedience to God is necessary.
  • You must work your plan with consistency. It is like the process of losing weight.
    • The members of your class can help you with encouragement to be consistent.
  • Your general plan must proceed slowly to avoid a severe unbalance in your life.
    • If you have a lot of debt that you have accumulated over many years, it requires more time to achieve a balance of order in your finances. Don’t despair; order is possible if you can work on your plan consistently until God surely gives you the victory.
      • Remember that faithfulness is necessary.


  • Seek Counsel:


  • An important aspect in dealing with finances successfully is the willingness to seek counsel.
  • Read 2Cor 13:1
    • A principle through all the Bible is the principle of the three-fold cord:
      • Read Ecc 4:9-12
  • It is not necessary to share all the details of your finances with the members of your class, but that all should share the details of their plan with someone that can act as a counselor.
    • Read Pro 13:10, 20
    • From whom must the Christian seek counsel?
      • Read Psa 16:7 ________________
        • Why must you seek the counsel of God?
          • Read Psa 32:8
      • Read Pro 1;8-9 ________________
        • Your father can be someone that has more experience and has his own finances in order.
        • He can be a spiritual parent for you.
          • Read Jam 1:5-6
  • What are the consequences of not seeking the Lord’s counsel?
  • Read Jos 9:14-20
    • God’s commandments said that the Israelites must kill all the Pagan people in the Promised Land because of the immoral contamination of the inhabitants in the land. Through deception a group deceived Joshua into making a treaty with them to not destroy them. Joshua did not seek God’s counsel. He made the treaty and those people remained in the Promised Land. By those small steps of a lack of complete obedience, the people of God finally fell into idolatry in the Promised Land.
  • Read Psa 106:13-15
    • God permits his people’s rebellion but always there are material and spiritual consequences.
  • What are the benefits of the counsel of the Lord?
  • Read Psa 119:98-100, 105
  • Read 2Tim 3:16-17
  • Read Heb 4:12
  • What is an important benefit of the counsel of other people?
  • Read Pro 11:14
  • Who must the Christian avoid as a counselor? Why?
  • Read Psa 1:1-3
  • Read Pro 12:5
  • Read Lev 19:31
    • Those that have familiar spirits and wizards are people that seek the wisdom of Satan.
    • Read 1Chr 10:13-14
  • The purpose of seeking the counsel of other people is to obtain facts, suggestions, ideas, alternatives from people with financial experience.
  • Test your financial decisions by means of three ways:
    • By Scripture:
      • Read Psa 119:24
    • By other Christians
      • Read Pro 15:22
    • By the Lord Jesus Christ.
      • Read Isa 9:6
  • When you have peace in your heart, you can know that the Holy Spirit guides you.

This is a self-study. Please do not send homework answers to the teacher forcorrection.

  • Pray and write the complete details of your financial plan that includes the three elements above. (Be sure to include your spouse in your efforts to make this plan.)
  • Pray and seek someone (a Christian) to counsel you and to examine your plan.
  • Memory Verse: Lev 19:11
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