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Lesson #03


Bible Perspectives: How to Study the Bible for Yourself – Part II
Lesson #03
“Bird’s Eye View”

  • Class Lesson: Overview of the Bible
    • Old Testament à 400 years à New Testament

    • The Bible’s 66 books were written by about 40 authors over thousands of years and yet there is an integrity of design and a unified message through both the Old and New Testaments that point to Jesus Christ. The integrity of design and message mean there is really one ultimate author, the Holy spirit (2Tim 3:16)
    • The Design and Structure of the Old Testament:
      • The Law (the books of Moses) 5 books
      • The Historical books12 books
        • From Joshua to Babylon 9 books
        • From Ezra to Esther3 books
      • Personal Wisdom Books 5 books
        • The heart of the Old Testament
      • The Prophets
        • Major Prophets 5 books
        • Minor Prophets12 books
          • Pre-exile prophecy9 books
          • Post exile prophecy3 books

    • Genesis
    • (Beginnings)

      • The Theme:


      • Creation
      • Beginning of the Sabbath, marriage, the home, the family, sin, animal sacrifice, race, language, government, and the Hebrew nation of 12 tribes. The book covers 2000 yrs.
      • All major doctrines are introduced in Genesis: Satanic Opposition, Original Sin, Sovereign Election, Salvation, Redemption, Justification by Faith, Believer’s Security, Separation from the World, Disciplinary Chastisement, Rapture of the Church, Divine Incarnation, Substitutionary Death and Resurrection, the Priesthood, Etc.

    • Key Characters:
      • The first Adam – to contrast with Jesus Christ, the last Adam (1Cor 15:45)
      • Noah – Obedience brings salvation
      • Abraham – The father of faith
      • Isaac – The sacrifice that prefigures the crucifixion of Christ.
      • Joseph – Righteousness in persecution prefigures Jesus Christ.
      • Major Highlights:
        • The fall of Adam and Eve in sin. (Gen 3)
          • The first prophecy of redemption (Gen 3:15)
        • The plan of redemption introduced (Gen 5)
        • The nature of a life of faith (Gen 11-50)
        • The Design Structure of Genesis:
        • (Rom 8:30)

          • Abraham = election and predestination.
          • Isaac = the “called” ones
          • Jacob = justification.
          • Joseph = glorification.

        • Christ in the Book of Genesis:
          • Jesus Christ is the Seed of the Woman (Gen 3:15)

        • The Significance to the Christian life:
          • Before coming to Christ, life is devastated by sin. Then the person discovers that God promised a redeemer to free us from sin. Man learns that he must have faith to believe in the promised Messiah.
          • Exodus
          • (Exit)

            • The Theme:


            • A lack of faith brings bondage in Egypt (the world). God brings redemption through a sacrificed lamb (the Passover). God gives the Law of Moses and the pattern for the Tabernacle and the Priesthood.

          • Key characters:
            • Moses = the one who shows the way to redemption.
            • Aaron = the High Priest
            • Joshua = the one that pictures Jesus by his name.
            • Major Highlights:
              • Redemption through the shed blood of a substitutionary sacrifice of a lamb.
              • God’s standard given through the Mosaic Law. (10 commandments)
              • The tabernacle structure prefigures Jesus Christ.
              • The Design Structure of the Book:
                • Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.
                • Baptized in water (the crossing of the Red Sea).
                • Separated from the world system (Egypt).
                • Called to worship God (the tabernacle and priesthood).
                • Christ in the Book of Exodus:
                  • Christ is our Passover Lamb of God. (Exo 12:13)
                  • The Significance to the Christian Life:
                    • A person enters the Christian walk by entering the kingdom of God through salvation by faith in the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the sacrificed Lamb of God. He brings man redemption from sin and bondage to the world system.
                    • Leviticus
                    • (The priesthood)

                      • This book covers the time period of wandering in the desert from Mt. Sinai to Moab from God’s perspective.
                      • The Theme:
                      • Worship of a Holy God

                        • The laws of holiness and worship.
                        • Leprosy in this book represents sin spiritually speaking.

                      • Key Characters:
                        • Moses and Aaron
                        • Major Highlights:
                          • The worship of a redeemed people.
                          • The standards of a redeemed life.
                          • The prophetic feast days that give us God’s prophetic calendar for the first and the second coming of Christ (Lev 23)
                          • Christ in the Book of Leviticus:
                            • Jesus Christ is our High Priest. (Lev 21:10-24 Heb 9:11-12)
                            • The Significance to the Christian Walk:
                              • The Christian needs to be taught how to worship God through Jesus Christ in every level of his life so that he lives conforming himself to God’s standards.
                              • Numbers
                              • (Numbering or Counting) and

                              • Deuteronomy
                              • (Second Law or the Law Repeated)

                                • These books cover the time period of wandering in the desert from Mt. Sinai to Moab from man’s perspective.
                                • Theme:
                                • Wandering in Unbelief

                                • Key Characters:
                                  • Moses, Aaron, and Miriam
                                  • Joshua, Caleb, and Balaam
                                  • Major Highlights:
                                    • The Israelites camped in the wilderness in the form of a cross.
                                    • The nature of human failure in contrast to the faithfulness of God.
                                    • Divine provision despite divine displeasure.
                                    • Divine guidance and order.
                                    • The serpent on the pole (Num 21:8), a prefigure of Jesus Christ on the cross (Joh 3:14)
                                    • 6 cities of refuge (Num 35:6) = God’s mercy in a time of Law.
                                    • Christ in the Book of Numbers:
                                      • Christ, the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.
                                      • Christ in the Book of Deuteronomy:
                                        • Christ is the Prophet like unto Moses (Deu 18:15)
                                        • The Significance to the Christian Life:
                                          • Sometimes Christians wander away from God for a time because of unbelief. However, the cross is always available for the forgiveness of sin when the believer realizes he is missing God’s greatest blessings.
                                            • Types of Bible Study Methods
                                              • #8 Advanced ABC Bible Study
                                              • –

                                            Haggai 2

                                            • You will continue your study of the book of Haggai in the same way as the previous study of chapter 1. This week you will complete chapter 2.

                                            • Homework
                                              • =1= Work on your Daily Spiritual Diary 15 minutes for 6 days this week.
                                                • Resist the temptation to skip a day or two.
                                              • =2= Add to your Personal Concordance.
                                              • =3= Use the ABC Advanced Bible Study Method sheets
                                                • Day 1 = Read both chapters of Haggai.
                                                • Day 2 = Read Chapter 2 slowly aloud, and in verse by verse meditation, and write a title on sheet #A.
                                                • Day 3 = Read Chapter 2 and write the “Application” and the “Basic Passage” on sheet #A.
                                                  • For “Basic Passage”, pick one or two verses that seem to carry the basic message of the chapter.
                                                • Day 4 = Read Chapter 2. Write sheet #B.
                                                • Day 5 = Read Chapter 2. Write sheet #C.
                                                  • “Eminent Truth”
                                                    • List topical or doctrinal subjects covered in the chapter. Keep it brief to 1 or 2 words each.
                                                • Day 6 = Read Chapter 2. Write Sheet #D.
                                                  • “Final Study”
                                                    • Write either an outline or a summary of the chapter recording only what it says and not what it means.

                                            Homework Sheet #A

                                            #8 Advanced ABC Bible Study

                                            Study Passage: Haggai 2 Date:

                                            Times Read:

                                            Slowly; ________ Aloud:________ In verse by verse meditation: ________

                                            Other times: ________ The number of times you spent on the study:



                                            Basic Passage:

                                            Homework Sheet #B

                                            #8 Advanced ABC Bible Study

                                            Cross References:

                                            Verse: Word and Reference: Key Thought:

                                            Homework Sheet #C

                                            #8 Advanced ABC Bible Study


                                            Verse: Question:

                                            Eminent Truth:

                                            Homework Sheet #D

                                            #8 Advanced ABC Bible Study

                                            Final Study:







































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