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Lesson #04


Bible Perspectives: How to Study the Bible for Yourself – Part II
Lesson #04
“Baby Steps to Manhood and Double Trouble”

  • Class Lesson: Pre-Kingdom History, Kingdom History, and the Division of the Kingdom
    • Before Israel became a kingdom with a king, they first took possession of the promise land and then had a period of Judges that ruled in various sections of the land.
    • Israel began with baby steps and gradually developed to be a mature nation with three kings, Saul, David, and Solomon.
    • After King Solomon the kingdom developed double trouble that divided it into two kingdoms.

      • Joshua
      • (Jehovah Saves: This is the Hebrew name for Jesus)

        • The Theme:
          • The people prepare themselves to enter the Promised Land and to battle the enemy for the possession of it.

        • Key Characters:
          • Joshua, Caleb, and Rahab

        • Major Highlights:
          • Conquest of the Promised Land is by faith.
          • The warfare of a redeemed people.
          • How to be an overcomer.
          • Christ in the book of Joshua:
            • Christ is the Captain of our salvation. (Jos 5 Heb 2 :10)
            • The Significance to the Christian Life:
              • The believer learns that the promises and blessings of God must be claimed, and the believer must fight to obtain them spiritually.
              • Judges
              • (Leaders)

                • The Theme:
                  • This book covers the first 350 years of Israel in the Promised Land.
                  • The people went through cycles of following God and backsliding. The following cycle is repeated seven times in this book (6 apostasies and 6 servitudes).
                    • Sin à Servitude à Supplication à Salvation à Silence

                  • Key Characters:
                    • Othniel, Deborah and Barak, Gideon, Samson
                    • Major Highlights:
                      • A study of incomplete obedience.
                      • The downward spiraling cycles of backsliding.
                      • God’s over-riding grace.
                      • God’s chastisement.
                      • Christ in the book of Judges:
                        • Christ is our Judge and Lawgiver. (Jdg 2:16)
                        • The Significance to the Christian Life:
                          • The immature Christian’s walk with the Lord frequently goes through these same cycles until he discovers it is better to follow the Lord without hesitation or reservation.
                          • Ruth
                          • (Friendship)

                            • The Theme:
                              • The beautiful story in this book occurs early in the period of the Judges and is a contrast of faith to the backsliders of that time period. This is 1000 years before Christ.
                              • The love story of an Israelite man and a Moabite woman who are in the bloodline of Christ.
                              • Key Characters:
                                • Ruth, Boaz, Naomi
                                • Major Highlights:
                                  • This is the romance of redemption that parallels Christ’s redemption for us. Boaz is a prefigure of Jesus Christ as the Kinsman Redeemer. Ruth is a prefigure of the New Testament church. Therefore, we see in Boaz’ love for Ruth, Christ’s love for the church.
                                  • Christ in the book of Ruth:
                                    • Christ is our Kinsman Redeemer.
                                    • The Significance to the Christian Life:
                                      • This book tells us how to enter into a close relationship with the Lord so as to avoid the pitfalls of the cycles in the book of Judges.
                                      • 1 and 2 Samuel
                                      • (Name of God)

                                        • The Theme:
                                          • Originally these two books were one book covering about 100 years of time.
                                          • After the cycle of Judges, the people asked God for a king like other nations. It was not God’s perfect timing, but in His permissive will, He gave them a king, Saul.
                                            • 1Samuel tells us about the choosing of a king, the organization of the kingdom, and the failures of King Saul.
                                            • The ministry of Samuel, the prophet.
                                          • 2Samuel is the reign of King David from God’s viewpoint.
                                          • Key Characters:
                                            • Samuel, King Saul, David, Jonathan, Goliath. (1Samuel)
                                            • David Abner, Joab, Absalom, Bathsheba. (2Samuel)
                                            • Major Highlights:
                                              • God’s permissive will instead of God’s perfect will.
                                              • The choosing and anointing of Israel’s first king.
                                              • After the fall of King Saul, David became king. David was God’s perfect choice in God’s perfect timing. He is therefore, a contrast to God’s permissive will under King Saul.
                                              • What it means to be a man after God’s own heart.
                                              • The consequence of sin and forgiveness.
                                              • Major character studies and human relationships.
                                              • Christ in the books of 1Samuel and 2Samuel:
                                                • Christ is our trusted Prophet.
                                                • The Significance to the Christian Life:
                                                  • God has a perfect will for each person’s life, but we often live in God’s permissive will which results in a troubled life falling short of God’s perfect blessings.
                                                  • When we discover that we are walking in God’s permissive will, it means we need to straighten up our relationships (with man and with God) in order to walk in His perfect will.
                                                  • 1 and 2 Kings
                                                    • The Theme:
                                                      • Originally these two books were one unified book. This is an editorial on the reign of King Solomon and the division of the kingdom which covers about 400 years.
                                                      • Key Characters:
                                                        • Solomon, Elijah, Elisha, Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Ahab, Jezebel
                                                        • Major Highlights:
                                                          • Solomon’s weaknesses, apostasy, and idolatry.
                                                          • The construction of the Temple.
                                                          • The divided kingdom.
                                                          • The captivity of the Northern Kingdom by Assyria.
                                                          • The captivity of the Southern Kingdom by Babylon.
                                                          • Christ in the books of 1 and 2Kings:
                                                            • Christ is our reigning King.
                                                            • The Significance to the Christian Life:
                                                              • The Christian learns that when he walks with God in obedience, there are abundant blessings and God’s glorious presence, but when he compromises with the world, there is chastisement.
                                                              • 1 and 2 Chronicles
                                                                • The Theme:
                                                                  • Probably the last of the Old Testament books written.
                                                                    • 1Chronicles:
                                                                      • The reign of King David from God’s viewpoint.
                                                                        • Similar to the book of 2Samuel.
                                                                      • Organization of the priesthood.
                                                                    • 2Chronicles:
                                                                      • The reign of King Solomon and the divided kingdom.

                                                                  • Key Characters:
                                                                    • David, Solomon, Sheba, Rehoboam, Jeroboam, Elijah, Obadiah, Elisha, Ahab, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah.
                                                                    • Major Highlights:
                                                                      • The building of the first temple, Solomon’s temple, which illustrates the believer, body, soul, and spirit.
                                                                      • The struggle between the two kingdoms and who will rule.
                                                                      • The ministry of Elijah, the prophet.
                                                                      • The kings of Judah.
                                                                      • Christ in the books of 1 and 2 Kings:
                                                                        • Christ, the King of King and Lord of Lords.
                                                                        • The Significance to the Christian Life:
                                                                          • The Christian has two natures living within him, the old flesh nature, and the new Spirit nature. The Christian life is plagued by this struggle between the two natures and which one will rule, self or Christ?
                                                                            • Types of Bible Study Methods:
                                                                              • #9 Comprehensive Book Analysis #A & #B

                                                                            – Jonah

                                                                            • This method is used to study whole books of the Bible. It incorporates the use of other outside sources such as maps, concordances, etc.
                                                                            • This method of study begins with a look at a book as a whole. Then it examines more closely specifics. Then it concludes with a look at the book as a whole, drawing some overall conclusions.

                                                                            • Homework:
                                                                              • Work on your Daily Spiritual Diary 15 min each day for 6 days.
                                                                                • Don’t let it get dull and routine. Remember the Word is alive and working in your life.
                                                                              • Don’t forget to add to your Personal Concordance.
                                                                              • Use the Comprehensive Book Analysis sheets #A and #B for Jonah.
                                                                                • Day 1 = Read the whole book of Jonah through several times.
                                                                                • Day 2 = Read the book of Jonah through 1 time.
                                                                                  • Write the top half of sheet #A above the double line.
                                                                                    • Hints:
                                                                                      • Look for personalities and how they relate to each other, the author and to whom was it written.
                                                                                      • Consider the historical setting: when it was written, what was happening in that part of the world at that time. Use any notes in your Bible or any outside resource material you may have.
                                                                                      • Consider the purpose: why it was written, if there’s a problem to be corrected, what the author is trying to accomplish.
                                                                                      • Consider the themes: what is the major emphasis of the book?, some recurring ideas, what subjects does the author deal with?
                                                                                • Day 3 = Read the book of Jonah through. Fill in Homework Page #A below the double line. Use other resource material if you have it. Otherwise, leave answers blank.
                                                                                  • Literary style = Is it narration, poetry, etc.
                                                                                • Day 4 and Day 5 = Read the whole book of Jonah. Write Homework Sheet #B summarizing the book under “Overview”. Keep it brief.
                                                                                • Day 6 = Read the whole book of Jonah in a different translation. Compare the two translations and write your observations on a separate piece of paper.

                                                                            Homework Sheet #A

                                                                            #9 Comprehensive Book Analysis

                                                                            Book Survey

                                                                            Book: Jonah

                                                                            Date: Number of times read:

                                                                            Principal Personalities:

                                                                            Historical Setting:




                                                                            Literary Style:

                                                                            Key Words:

                                                                            Additional Personalities:


                                                                            Homework Sheet #B

                                                                            #9 Comprehensive Book Analysis

                                                                            Book Survey


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