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Lesson #10e


Bible Perspectives: How to Study the Bible for Yourself – Part II
Lesson #10
“The Last Chapter”

  • Daily Spiritual Diary Discussion
  • Personal Concordance Discussion
  • Homework Discussion:
  • Class Lesson:
    • The end of the New Testament covers the last chapter in human history from the end of the church age to Eternity Future.
    • Philemon
      • Major Themes and Highlights:
        • This letter was written by Paul to Philemon, a slave holder, about his run-away slave named Onesimus. Onesimus, himself delivered the letter to his master.
        • This book is an allegory (a story with a secondary meaning) that speaks about intercession and unconditional love. Helping people get their lives straight with God.

      • Key Personalities:
        • Philemon, Onesimus, Paul
        • Christ in the Book of Philemon:
          • Christ is the friend of the oppressed.
          • The Significance for the Christian Life:
            • The mature Christian should always be open to helping people straighten out their lives based on Biblical principles.
            • Hebrews
              • The Themes and Major Highlights:
                • The author of this book is unknown, though it is frequently attributed to Paul because of many similarities of doctrine. However the book is very different from other books by Paul.
                • The book was written to the Jews scattered throughout the Roman Empire.
                • This book is essential in understanding the Old Testament, and it ties the Bible together into one cohesive book.
                • This book shows us how Jesus Christ fulfilled the Old Testament.
                • This book explains many Old Testament prefigures.
                • The role of Jesus Christ in this present age of grace
                • The themes are the priesthood of Christ and the New Covenant of Faith.
                • Christ in the book of Hebrews:
                  • Jesus Christ is the Mediator of the Everlasting Covenant
                  • The Significance for the Christian Life:
                    • This book completes the trilogy:
                      • The Just (Rom 1:17)
                      • Shall Live (Gal 3:11)
                      • By Faith (Heb 10:38)
                    • The next section of books from James to Jude is called the General Epistles.
                    • James
                    • (the half-brother of Jesus Christ)

                      • The Themes and Major Highlights:
                        • This book was written by James, the pastor of the Jerusalem church.
                        • The theme is Practical Christian Living under Testing.
                        • In this book we see the balance between faith and works, where works are the measure of our faith.
                        • Christ in the Book of James:
                          • Jesus Christ is the Lord that heals the sick.
                          • The Significance for the Christian Life:
                            • The Christian life is one of faith. However, the Christian needs to learn to put feet to his prayers, to put faith into action, for faith without works is dead.
                            • 1and 2 Peter
                              • The Themes and Major Highlights:
                                • These two books were written by the disciple, Peter.
                                • 1Peter:
                                  • Suffering and glory
                                  • Counseling the suffering believer
                                  • This is the New Testament counterpart to the book of Job in the Old Testament.
                                • 2Peter:
                                  • What to do until Christ comes – Grow!
                                  • The assurance of salvation.
                                  • Poison in the Pew – the great apostasy!

                                • Christ in the books of 1 and 2 Peter:
                                  • Jesus Christ is the Chief Shepherd who is coming soon!
                                  • The Significance for the Christian Life:
                                    • Every true believer in Jesus Christ that takes his Christian walk seriously, will share in the sufferings of Christ in some way during his life. This book is an encouragement to keep your eyes on Christ.
                                    • 1, 2, and 3 John
                                      • The Themes and Major Highlights:
                                        • These three small books were written by the beloved disciple, John.
                                        • 1John:
                                          • This book is a barometer for true Christian fellowship: the relationship between light and love.
                                          • This is a book of assurance that we might know that we are walking with Christ.
                                        • 2John:
                                          • The truth and Christ’s commandment of Love
                                        • 3John:
                                          • Walking in the truth of love

                                        • Christ in the books of 1, 2, and 3 John:
                                          • Jesus Christ is Love.
                                          • The Significance for the Christian Life:
                                            • The true test of the Christian life is how much we express God’s love in our relationships with others. When we learn to set aside our own desires to truly love others, we have arrived at mature Christian living.
                                            • Jude
                                              • The Themes and Major Highlights:
                                                • This book was written by Jesus’ half-brother named, Judas. He is called Jude so as not to confuse him with Judas Iscariot, the disciple that betrayed Jesus.
                                                • The coming great apostasy (falling away from the Lord)
                                                • The fight for the faith against ungodly men in the church.
                                                • Old Testament commentary
                                                • Christ in the Book of Jude:
                                                  • Jesus Christ is the Lord coming with ten thousands of His saints.
                                                  • The Significance for the Christian Life:
                                                    • As the believer in Christ matures in his Christian walk, he is able to discern the true religion from the false.
                                                    • Revelation
                                                      • The Themes and Major Highlights:
                                                        • This is a prophetic book about the second coming of Christ written by the Disciple John.
                                                        • This is the only book with a command to read and be blessed and a warning that to change its words will bring a curse.
                                                        • This book contains the finality and the fulfillment of the book of Genesis.
                                                        • This book is a commentary on the Past, the Present, and the Future. (Rev 1:19)
                                                        • This book contains messages to churches.
                                                        • The appearance of the Antichrist, the tribulation, the one world government, the one world religion, and the second coming of Christ.
                                                        • The final judgments
                                                        • The future eternity
                                                        • Christ in the Book of Revelation:
                                                          • Jesus Christ is our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
                                                          • The Significance for the Christian Life:
                                                            • All Christians look forward to the second coming of Christ when we will see Him face to face and hear Him say, “well done good and faithful servant”.
                                                            • Bible Study Method:
                                                              • #9 Comprehensive Book Analysis:
                                                              • Chapter Analysis Sheets #E and #F

                                                              – Jonah 3

                                                              • This study continues your study of the book of Jonah, chapter by chapter. The method is the same as your study of chapters 1 and 2.

                                                            • Homework:
                                                              • =1= Continue to work on your Daily Spiritual Diary 15 min for 6 days.
                                                              • =2= Use the “Comprehensive Book Analysis” Sheets #E and #F

                                                              — Jonah 3

                                                              • Day 1 = Read the whole book of Jonah in a different Bible Translation.
                                                              • Day 2 = Read Chapter 3. Begin to fill out page #E.
                                                                • “Cross Reference”
                                                                  • Mark the kind and type of cross reference:
                                                                    • Internal Reference (inside the book the Jonah) or External Reference (In any other book of the Bible).
                                                                      • Type of cross reference:
                                                                        • -1- Parallel (it says the same thing in almost the same words.)
                                                                        • -2- Corresponding (it deals with a similar matter).
                                                                        • -3- Contrasting (it deals with opposite ideas)
                                                                        • -4- Illustrates (it tends to illustrate the verse)
                                                                      • “Linking Thought”
                                                                        • What one or two words did you use to find the cross reference.
                                                                  • “Notes and Comments”
                                                                    • Write the implications, illustrations, and definitions.
                                                              • Day 3 = Read Chapter 3. Work on the top part of Page #F.
                                                                • “Title”
                                                                  • Create a title for the chapter that reflects the theme.
                                                                • “Theme”
                                                                  • Write what you think is the central thought of the chapter. It may be a topic, proposition, a problem, or an argument. There may even be more than one.
                                                                • “Conclusions”
                                                                  • What are the author’s conclusions on the theme.
                                                              • Day 4 = Read Chapter 3. Work on the bottom half of Page #F.
                                                                • “Conclusions”
                                                                  • Write some basic principles (the broad, general observations)
                                                              • Day 5 = Read Chapter 3. Finish Page #F.
                                                                • “Application”
                                                                  • What does this chapter tell you that applies to your own personal life today?
                                                                • “Passage Description”
                                                                  • Summarize the chapter in your own words. Do not interpret what is being said here or why. Only write the facts of what is said.
                                                              • Day 6 = Read Chapter 3. Finish any remaining work on this chapter that you did not complete.

                                                              Homework Sheet #E

                                                              #9 Comprehensive Book Analysis

                                                              Chapter Analysis: — Jonah 3

                                                              Verse: Cross References and Linking Thought: Notes and Comments:








                                                              Homework Sheet #F

                                                              #9 Comprehensive Book Analysis

                                                              Chapter Analysis: Jonah 3





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