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A Note From the Author

The major part of this book contains words written by Pastor Waldo Castro (and translated by Joyce Schmedel into English) in many precious letters over a two year period. It is by permission from Pastor Waldo that I use these in this book. These letters are not all the letters that I received, neither are they the complete letters in this book. Pastor Waldo is a prolific writer and an excellent communicator. Only my husband, Jack, and I had the great privilege and honor to receive these marvelous letters. God has directed me to put these letters in some order to document the move of God in the mountains of Mexico through the ministry of Pastor Waldo Castro and many other people committed to the extension of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To all those Christian workers in the mountains of Mexico with beautiful feet, I dedicate this book and for the glory of God that they serve.

The order in which the letters are presented frequently is the order in which I received them. In some cases I insert them for the understanding of the reader following the theme.

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I chose the theme, the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis, because of the principles of which the letters are examples. Much later, in the process of writing this book, I realized that Pastor Waldo himself refers to the life of Joseph as examples in his letters and in his sermons.

The short paragraphs that precede or follow the letters are my words and my comments that guide the reader in the theme and in the events. Also I have inserted, in some of the letters, words of explanation. All my words are not in the cursive style.

Joyce Schmedel

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About Joyce

I came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in 1963 giving my heart to Jesus in a Billy Graham crusade in Los Angeles, CA. I have been teaching the Word of God since 1964, Usually two to three adult classes a week.

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