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Finance Lesson #10


Bible Perspectives
Lesson #10

    • Memory verse: Lev 19:11
    • You have the plan for your finances, and you have learned the principles that operate in the Kingdom of God. Now you need to construct your life on the rock of the truth of Christ.
      • Read Mat 7:24-27
        • The wise man that understands the Kingdom of God knows that the character of the Christian is very important to God and that God honors the specific characteristics of character.
          • We have already discussed the characteristic of faithfulness and perhaps you are surprised that faithfulness has a relationship to finances.
          • The characteristics of character that God anticipates in the life of the believer affect all areas of life in the same way as the characteristic of faithfulness.


  • The Christian Characteristics of Integrity:


  • #1 The characteristic of honesty and the characteristic of dishonesty:
    • Honesty is very important to God. Two of the ten commandments deal with honesty., “Thou shalt not steal. 16Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” (Exo 20:15-16)
      • The believer cannot act in love toward other people with the characteristic of dishonesty because dishonesty causes hurt to other people.
        • Usually we do not consider that dishonesty is a sin that affects other people.
        • Because of that, dishonesty violates Christian love that God has commanded that we must follow.
    • The system of the world operates on a relative level of honesty to conform to what the person considers to be honest. However, the standard of honesty of man is under the standard of God.
      • Read Jdg 17:6
      • Honesty in the world is based on the acts that the person can see at the time. In other words, honesty is relative concept. If a person can be dishonest without discovery by others, it is not a sin.
      • Honesty in the world is based on what a person can hide from other people, because other people in the world do not believe in the existence of God that sees all things.
    • Honesty in the Kingdom of God is based on the character of God and the foundation of the truth of God.
      • Read Exo 20:15-16
      • Read 1Pet 1:15-16
    • God requires the Christian to conform to the character of God
      • Read Joh 14:15
    • God especially requires honesty among the leaders of the church.
      • Read Exo 18:21-22
      • Read Pro 29:12
    • In what areas of life does God require the quality of honesty?
      • Read Pro 12:22
      • Read Pro 6:16=17
      • Read Lev 19:11-13
      • Read Deu 25:13-16
      • Read Eph 4:25
      • Read 1Pet 1:14-15
    • What are the two things that motivate you to act without honesty?
      • If you consider that God will not discover your lack of honesty, you will not be motivated to be honest in all areas of your life.
      • If you consider that God will not punish your lack of honesty, you will not be motivated to live a life of honesty.
    • Honesty is a matter of faith.
      • Honesty affirms your faith in the sovereignty of God that controls all things in your life. When the believer uses dishonesty to gain more money, he is not putting his faith in God. He does things in his own way.
      • Read Pro 14:2
        • Honesty affirms your love of God while dishonesty expresses hatred of God.
    • What are the consequences of dishonesty in your relationships with other people?
      • Dishonesty always hurts other people.
        • God has commanded that the Christian must love other people.
          • Read Pro 26:28
          • Read Mar 12:31
          • Read Rom 13:9-10
        • The love of other people establishes your Christian testimony, and dishonesty damages your Christian testimony.
          • Read Phi 2;15
      • Dishonesty is robbery from another person.
    • What are the benefits of honesty in the Christian life?
      • Read Pro 4:24-26
        • When the believer chooses to live with honesty, he follows the narrow path. When the believer walks the straight and narrow path, his decisions become simpler and guidance becomes more certain.
    • Honesty in the business:
      • Read Pro 20:23
        • The Christian that receives the service of a company in a business environment should act with honesty in all ways.
        • The Christian that provides service in a business environment must act with honesty in all ways.
        • An employee must work with honesty toward an employer in all ways.
          • He must not rob his employer of time or of supplies.
    • God requires absolute honesty in all ways:
      • The quality of absolute honesty makes the believer’s heart sensitive to God.
        • Read Luk 16:10
        • Read Gen 14:22-23
    • The believer must avoid bribes.
      • Read Exo 23:8
      • Read Pro 15:27
      • Read Pro 29:4
  • How should you avoid the temptation of dishonesty?
    • The believer can avoid the temptation by the power of the Holy Spirit. The believer can defeat the temptation of dishonesty.
      • Read Mat 5;46-48
      • Read Mar 7:21-22
      • Read Gal 5:16-17
        • When the believer practices absolute honesty, at time it seems to be a disadvantage to him, but God will reward you.
          • Pro 13:11
        • God does not permit us to win with success the riches and to maintain it if we gain it with deception or by dishonesty.
          • Read Pro 28:13
          • Read Lev 6:4-5
            • The believer must pay restitution for the riches that he obtains with dishonesty.
              • Read Luk 19:8
              • Read Exo 22:1-4
              • Read Num 5:5-8
    • The believer can avoid temptation by the fear of God.
      • Read Pro 16:16
    • The believer can avoid temptation by avoiding dishonest people.
      • Read 1Cor 15:33
      • Read Pro 29:24
    • The believer can avoid temptation of dishonesty by giving to others.
      • Read Phi 2:4
  • The influence of honest leaders:
    • Read Pro 29:12
    • Read 1The 5:22
    • Read Exo 18:21
    • Read Pro 28:16
      • Leaders must establish the priority of honesty.
      • Leaders maintain honesty by means of a system of responsibility to other leaders.
  • The blessings that God promotes for honest believers:
    • Read Pro 3:23
    • Read Pro 20:7
    • Read Pro 12:19
    • Read Pro 15:6
  • The curses that are over people that practice dishonesty:
    • Read Pro 15:27
    • Read Pro 21:6
    • Read Pro 13:11 (The curse of poverty)

This is a self-study. Please do not send homework answers to the teacher forcorrection.

  • Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the areas of dishonesty in your life.
  • Make a determination to correct all these areas that the Holy Spirit reveals to you.
  • Read Act 20:35
    • How is the principle of giving to other people in God’s economy different from the perspective of the majority of the people?

Memory Verse: Gal 2:10

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