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It was the death of a great vision when I began to have physical problems in the high altitudes of the mountains. The doctor agreed that I must avoid high altitudes. Never would I take the Gospel of God to the mountains. Instead, God opened to me a ministry of teaching the Bible in various local classes for 36 years, and then to put those lessons of the Bible on my Website on the internet in the month of January 2000.

What I did not know was that God had other ways and times for the completion of a vision, miraculous ways. In reality, the miraculous fulfillment began before God informed me what He was doing. Even when I received the first letter by e-mail on April 5, 2005, I did not recognize, at first, the hand of God in the fulfillment of my vision.

The first letter came from Pastor Waldo Castro in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. He asked me for my permission to use my Bible lessons from my WebPages on the internet in his ministry to the Indians in Mexico. He told me of his ministry to the Huichol Indians high in the Sierra Madre mountains.

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About Joyce

I came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in 1963 giving my heart to Jesus in a Billy Graham crusade in Los Angeles, CA. I have been teaching the Word of God since 1964, Usually two to three adult classes a week.

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