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The Vision, Its Beginning, and Its Development

Chapter 6


Pastor Waldo and his wife, María, received some words of prophecy that relate to the vision and its development. After these prophetic words, Pastor Waldo, María, their children, and Olga, Pastor Waldo’s sister, arrived in Tepic July 23, 1994. It was the beginning of the development of the vision.

The Prophetic Words of the Stages of Revival

“I want to say clearly that we are not people that walk seeking prophecy about what the Lord says. These prophetic words came in a moment when I needed it:

  1. Blessing before leaving from Chihuahua to arrive in Tepic.
  2. An attack of the enemy that we not arrive in Nayarit.
  3. Signs and wonders.
  4. People were going to arrive on their own.
  5. Departure from the denomination.
  6. More People.
  7. Very strong struggles to extract us from the city.
  8. Contact with people from outside.
  9. Invitation to leave to preach in other countries beginning in the United States.
  10. New ministries arriving in Tepic.
  11. Unity in the churches with the same vision.
  12. Revival.
    1. In the love of Christ, Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      #1 Blessing before leaving from Chihuahua to arrive in Tepic.

      “The Lord began to bless us a lot before departing Chihuahua. This encouraged us very much, for the Lord had said that it was going to happen, and that we were going to trust that He was going to sustain us here in Nayarit. This He already fulfilled. Waldo” (March 26, 2007)

      #2 An attack of the enemy that we not arrive in Nayarit.

      “When I received this Word, the person that prophesied to us spoke it in a pastoral convention. He spoke to us about what the Lord was going to do, but that the enemy was going to attack, so that we would not arrive in Nayarit. He counseled me that I should request people to pray for us while we went on the road to Tepic. Here was where the accident happened and the assault. We lost all our material possessions and the little money that we brought. All the material things in which I trusted, the enemy stole. Only the Word of God remained. With that we continued forward. By what happened I was a little confused. I did not understand anything, but afterwards I understood it. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      “We arrived in faith in this city (Tepic) without any type of help. On the road, when we came to establish ourselves in Nayarit, we suffered an accident where we lost all our material belongings. Also they assaulted us and robbed us of the little money that we brought. However, still very clearly we brought the vision of God for us in this place, and we remained in spite of the obstacles that we had, thanks to God. His name has been glorified. We know very well to where He takes us, and what there will be with us and with the congregation. For that I am very grateful to Him for your help in prayer, for you are the first person that says to me that you are praying for us together with some brothers from here. This blessed us much and encourages us to be able to continue in the ministry. Waldo.” (April 18, 2005)

      “The Lord restored to us everything in three months and gave us double of what we had. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      #3 Signs and wonders.

      “The Lord had said to us, that when we arrived in Nayarit, He was going to come over us with great miracles. This happened almost immediately. We remained surprised to see the power of God operate directly, and to see the tangible miracles that He did. He told us only in this way were these people going to believe in Him. We believe that this must increase. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      #4 People were going to arrive on their own.

      “I thought that when we arrived in Tepic, I was going to walk through the parks and the streets preaching, so that in that way, I would begin to plant this congregation. However, the Lord told us that the people were going to arrive on their own, that He was going to send them. We remained surprised because without anyone knowing us, the people began to arrive on their own, until the local congregation was full. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      #5 Departure from the denomination.

      “Before coming to Tepic, the Lord spoke to me in dreams. He told me that we were going to leave from the denomination to which we belonged. I struggled because I did not want to leave. Not until He gave me the reasons did I accept it. He told me that in two years more we were going to leave, and I accepted His will. In exactly two years I resigned. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      #6 More People.

      “More people began to arrive at the church and we had to abandon the local building that we had, for it belonged to the denomination. We began to experience a new freedom in the Lord in all aspects. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      #7 Very strong struggles to extract us from the city.

      “After that, we were going to enter a stage like a desert. We had to be tested and stretched. Our life had to be forged to be able to possess the land. That period was very difficult. We had to abandon the local building that we rented because we could not pay the rent. The people that helped us through this, dropped their help to us, and we had to return to the local denominational building. From the time we arrived there, we went down little by little in every aspect. It was a very difficult time of hurts from various very strong divisions in the church. It arrived at the moment in which the church was very small, but the rare thing is that the anointing continued. The miracles continued. His presence was felt powerfully, but tests and struggles did not cease. It was during that time, that the Lord began to open the doors among the Indians, and we could arrive at places very far away with the gospel. We walked great distances to be able to bring the gospel, some times filled with joy, and at other times with much oppression. There were many economic needs. We felt that through that means, the enemy wanted to destroy us and persuade us to abandon the ministry and the vision. However, we resisted in the Name of Jesus. It was a time around 8 years until the Lord passed us to the following stage. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      #8 Contact with people from outside:

      “I did not remember this Word, until once, reading these scriptures, it excited me because, already, we were passing this period. In the following stage, things were going to change to prepare us for what would come, for in this time is when we met Jack and you, Joyce. Little by little things were changing and fully we were entering point #9. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      #9. Invitation to leave to preach in other countries beginning in the United States.

      “I am excited for the trip, for 5 years ago, in the most difficult times of testing, the Lord spoke to me and told me that He was going to send me out of my country to share His word, and that He was going to do great things. I believe that not until today is He fulfilling this Word. The Lord is precious. I needed someone who would cover me and watch out for me. Also He showed me, in that time, that in His time all would come, and that He would take care of me. Now on being in contact with you both, I see that this is the time of God, and I could now understand many things. For that I am very grateful to Him for all that He is doing, and for all the care that He has had for you and for us. We love you all. Waldo.” (November 22, 2005)

      “A person from the church called Sandra, spoke to me and told me, ‘Pastor, the Lord spoke to me and told me that you are going to begin to leave to preach outside of the church; that you are going to receive an invitation to go to the United States.’ I understood that this was very near, and it surprised me how rapidly it happened from one point to another. Two months after that, I received the invitation to go to the United States to preach. While I continued in contact with Joyce by means of the internet, there, in this way I could know Jack and Joyce personally as well as the Cacho family. In my spirit I could discern that all this forms a part of the plans of God for these times. The invitations have grown and the Lord has provided us with a Religious visa for me and my family to be able to go and leave the country without problems. Now that I am in contact with Joyce, under the direction of God, all has been changing, and we feel very near as the Lord has been directing all things for the revival for these times in these places. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      “In the wisdom of God, so that the curse over these lands where the races of Mexico are located could be broken, the gospel has arrived at the native Indians of these regions. For that I feel that the Lord sent us to the most distant and isolated parts of the Sierras in Nayarit, to the Huichol Indians. We could arrive with the gospel and great signs and wonders to this tribe, and the Lord began to awaken a very great hunger for Him among them. We arrived at places where the people had never heard the gospel and did not know that Jesus existed. Now they know Him, and they worship Him deeply. We know that next He is going to send us to the Cora Indians and then to the Mexicaneros and the Tepehuanas. In this way, the legal (spiritual) base of the bondage will be removed, and we will begin to open new doors for the extension of the gospel. During the period of testing, the Lord showed us that Nayarit was going to be the last state in Mexico that was going to be revived, but that the revival from here was going to cover the country and part of Central America. Now we are going into point number nine. The Lord continues dealing with us and teaching us more of Him by means of the blessed Holy Spirit. Soon we will leave to other countries in the measure of the plan of God. Also already new evangelistic organizations are beginning to arrive in Tepic. All this is the preparation for what comes. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)

      #10 New ministries arriving in Tepic.

      Pastor Waldo and his congregation now begin to see other churches open in the city of Tepic.

      #11 Unity in the churches with the same vision.

      Some of the pastors of these churches unite each week under the direction of Pastor Waldo and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to pray for the revival in the city of Tepic.

      #12 Revival.

      It is a revival that will be extended through all the country of Mexico and all of Central America.

      The General Comments About the 12 Stages

      “Yesterday I spoke about the way in which the Lord brought us to Nayarit by the promises that He had given us; also of the times of testing that we had to go through, and how the Lord has been freeing us; also how the city, the state, and the country have been preparing for what comes. These are the times of God, and today more than ever, we need to walk in His direction always. When the Lord called us to Nayarit, he gave us 12 stages of different times where we were going to the final revival. Now we are in number 9 and entering almost en number 10. It is exciting to see how what the Lord says has its fulfillment. Yesterday I spoke to all the church of your visit. (Jack and Joyce) in the month of October (2006). This is also part of the blessing and the strengthening that God gives over us. You both have been used by the Lord as a means of direction and strength in the fulfillment of the Vision of God in these places. Waldo.” (July 24, 2006)

      “These times were times of much need and much loneliness, even though still we persevered in the Lord, and we looked for His power, saving people. Before we lived in the misery of a spirit that attacked us a lot. However, it was the only way that he (Satan) could stop us in the ministry. Now the times have changed, and they continue changing for the good. I believe that I had hurts in my soul from these memories. Even though the testing is of God, when He is forming us, He leaves us the memories. However, when the complete blessing comes, it includes healing of all the past as it happened to Joseph, when God gave him two sons. One was Manasseh and the other Ephraim. Each one of their names had a different meaning that revealed the new times of God for Joseph. When I was reading this last letter of yours, I felt like a new light from God illumined me and made me understand many things. At the moment, all worry and oppression went. I told the Lord, ‘Today, more than ever, we are going to fulfill your plans, because now there are people that support us, and that are going to see us through. On confessing this word, I felt the Lord begin to heal all my past. He began to broaden the vision, giving me security in what He has proposed for these places, and that it will be fulfilled…that nothing or no one can stop the plans that He has designed, because He is God. I am very happy for this and grateful for all of you. Yes, I am your missionary and much thanks for your spiritual covering. In this moment I feel very strengthened in all aspects and like a soldier ready to enter the battle in these new times of God. Once more, much thanks. Waldo.” (January 20, 2006)

      “Not long ago, celebrating the anniversary of the church, María and I were giving our testimony of the purpose and how the Lord brought us to Nayarit. We spoke to the people that the Lord had showed us that a powerful revival was going to begin with us, and that it will be extended through the city, through all the state, and that it was going to run through all the country. We spoke to them of how Nayarit broke the curse for all of Mexico and Central America, and that from here the blessing will go out. Only much courage is required, and over all an intimate and constant communion with the Lord. When I shared all this, a person that came for the first time, began to mock and say, ‘I am not going to leave from here. I have always lived here, and no one can remove me. From here I dominate and control all the country.’ That person was under the influence of an evil spirit. I came down from the pulpit, and I went directly to that person and told him, ‘We are going to remove you now from this same body, and as you leave from here, one day you will leave from this state.’ He shouted, “no”, but almost in one minute, the spirit went out of him, and the person remained free. I know that the (spiritual) war that we confront is nothing easy. We need the covering of all of you to come out victorious. Also I know that we are in formation, being prepared by the Lord for all that comes. I have learned much from you all, and whatever counsel that you give me, is accepted. I am very grateful to you for your prayers and those of the group in your classes, for I can feel them very well. Waldo.” (February 25, 2006)

      “We do not lose the vision. Even in the harder times of testing, we never lost it. We know that the church of the twenty first century confronts new challenges and is ready to pay the price. Waldo.” (March 26, 2007)


      “Tepic is not an easy place. They call it the pantheon of pastors. Here there are no large churches, and there is much division. Of every 10 new pastors that arrive, only one achieves to remain. The rest fail and go. We arrived without anything, without salary and without any help. The church or the local building that we were going to occupy, had been abandoned for failure for around 7 years. Almost half of the church building where we worship has no roof, and the part that has a roof is of asbestos laminate and very low. Because of this it is extremely hot and in the rainy season we always get wet. The rooms for the children don’t have a floor and are not comfortable. However, we feel very strongly the presence of our God. But the Lord is good and still we live by faith. He has sustained us and we have been able to arrive with the gospel in places where never before it had been taken. That is a very great blessing. Waldo.” (June 7 and July 4, 2005)


      The Beginning of the Vision

      “Eight years ago I was in a convention for pastors. We had a sprinkling of the Holy Spirit. I fell to the floor and enjoyed the communion with my Beloved, the blessed Holy Spirit, when suddenly I began to cry a lot. It was a crying that came from the depths of my being. It was something that I had never before experienced in that fullness. Then each one of the municipalities of the state of Nayarit began to pass through my mind, together with the spiritual area that reigned in those places. The first that came to mind was Acoponeta. I saw how it was found spiritually. I cried a lot asking for mercy. It was an intercession that I have never had in this way in my life. Then Compostela came to mind. In the same way, I cried and moaned to the Lord for compassion. In this way every one of the municipalities in this state came to mind. I remained exhausted and tired. Then there was a silence. I told the Lord, ‘Lord, we need a revival in our State and You are the Lord of Revival. We need you. I see that the majority of the people that are used to bring revival are white-skinned, blue eyes, and with a strong personality. I am not one of those. I am dark and a stutterer, but if there is something, I will serve you, even though it will be to clean bathrooms in the church when the revival begins. I am here, Lord.’ I told him this, crying with all my heart. Then something happened. I began to feel something totally new in my communion with Him. I began to cry and to laugh. Many things happened in more than an hour that I was on the floor. In a month more we were already giving Him returns in the Island from where the Aztecs left. The Lord directed us in this, for it was somewhat surprising. Waldo.” (March 19, 2007)

      “Yesterday we were on the Island of Mexcaltitlán. It is surprising how we found, in this place, the origin of the races of our country and these cultures that advanced from them some hundreds of years ago. These cultures were extended to El Salvador. Here in Nayarit are the races of all Mesoamerica. We could pray in the center of the Island again to bless our country declaring that it will be full of the Glory of God. That Island is the ceremonial center of all those tribes, especially from the Nahuals or the Aztemas. In the year 720 AD the first tribe left to seek the eagle devouring the serpent, that is the symbol on our flag. Waldo.” (July 13, 2006)

      “On one occasion, in the month of March, 7 years ago, I was preaching a series of messages based on Joshua 1:1-9 when I received a Word that said to me, ‘the land of the Huichols, Coras, Tehepuanes, and Mexicaneros will be your territory.’ I received that Word, and I declared it from the pulpit in the authority of Jesus Christ. Exactly one moth later, the first Huichol family arrived at the church, invited by the oldest person in the congregation. She shared with them the gospel and gave them her testimony of how she had been healed from terminal cancer. After that, they brought Anselmo, for they told her that they had a brother that had not walked for 10 years. She, with certainty, told them to bring him that the Lord was going to heal him, and that is the way it was. In the first meeting he was healed. Waldo” (March 19, 2007)


      General Comments About the Vision

      “When we arrived here in Tepic we received the first visit from the superintendent (of the denomination) and he saw how the Lord was moving. He did not like it. He told me that his vision was to make the church a traditional (denominational) church. I told him that we are no longer in those times and that these times are totally new, that we have to take the vision that God has for this millenium and to learn to submit ourselves to His direction. I decided that the Lord will continue with His work and two years later they told us to leave. Waldo.” (September 1, 2005)

      “Much thanks for uniting yourselves in prayer for our country. We had the general prayer meeting for Mexico, and the Lord manifested himself strongly. There were visions, prophetic words, and words of wisdom. One recently converted person had his first vision. He saw something like a river that began to grow and there were some enormous stones that he thought was going to stop the water, but the water ran with much force knocked down the rocks, thousands of them, until they remained like sand. The river extended itself through all the republic of Mexico. The river was of pure, transparent water. Then he heard a voice that told him that His Word would run in this way from coast to coast and from border to border. Another Word was that Nayarit formed a very important part in the final revival of the nation, and that we were the only church here in Tepic that was in prayer for this; that we will continue because He planted this in our hearts. The rest of the Christian churches in the city did not want to participate. However, we are happy because the Lord is good, and He rewards the strength of all when we put ourselves under His direction. Waldo.” (January 17, 2006)

      “God told don Lupe that soon he is going to depart to live in the mountains full time. He saw in a vision some people preparing the earth and others planting it. The fruit grew rapidly and the harvest was abundant. Then he said that the Lord showed him more distant parts in the mountains where it was necessary to go. He was available to go where the Lord sent him. Waldo.” (February 6, 2006)

      “Last night I returned to dream that you were in the highest places giving your studies. I did not know how you had climbed but after walking, you were in another place even higher, All were very happy because you and Jack walked there. I know that it is only a dream, as you say, but you are those that are preaching in those places and winning and discipling those people by means of your help. With much joy I will take you to all the places that you like. Waldo.” (February 10, 2006)

      “I can imagine the group there in prayer for us. Much thanks for this for it encourages me a lot. (He refers to the group that studies the Bible in my house every week.) Our life and ministry has changed and advanced much more from the time that we met you both. I know that all of you are on our side, and together we carry forward with this Work of God in these places. We have the promise of the Lord that from here in Nayarit the revival will depart to cover all of Mexico and Central America. When the pastor from Colombia saw me, he prayed for me and prophesied also all this, for he told me that the Lord showed it to him when we came on the road. Never before had we seen this. It is a hunger of God that has changed many things, and he has a sensibility and a very strong discernment. In this way, all of you and we form part of a team of workers that the Lord has raised up in these times. He has each person in strategic places in all the world, because we raise up the final great harvest. Waldo.” (March 24, 2006)

      “Now we are evangelizing, discipling, and training only the Huichols, but still we lack the Coras, the Tepehuanes, and the Mexicaneros. These are those that the gospel still has not arrived with them. I feel that part of our ministry is to take the Word of God to all of them, even to the places where they live. Also we lack the revival that the Lord promised us that He would give, and that would extend through all the state of Nayarit until it will fill Mexico. We lack all of this. In this way we would not abandon or renounce the plans of the Lord for me. I don’t know if I told you that, in December of the past year, a group of apostles and prophets were meeting in Amsterdam to seek more of the Lord. They entered into fasting for 7 days with one question. The question was this, in which country would the next revival begin? They understood that every 100 years a new revival begins in the world. They did not receive an answer to their cry until the seventh day, when a very respected prophet in Africa fell to the floor and began to speak in new tongues. Then he began to say that he saw a vision that the Lord showed him. It was the earth, and around it a belt that covered it. Oil began to fall and the oil, on falling to the earth, formed a flag of three colors. The first color was green, the second color was white, and the third was red. The Lord said, ‘This is the country of my next revival.’ The Italians began to shout with joy and to applaud excitedly, because their flag has these three colors. Equally does Mexico. But soon the prophet said, “Wait, the Holy Spirit is drawing me nearer, and I see in the middle of the flag an eagle that is devouring a serpent. Do you know it, Joyce? This is the flag of Mexico. All this blesses me a lot and announced to us the origin for this. It is for that, and many more reasons, that we cannot abandon what the Lord has called us to do. Here the Lord called us and also gave us the vision. We are not going to abandon it. Waldo.” (June 18, 2006)

      “I ask that you please help me to pray for provisions for a new church (in Tepic). My desire is to knock down everything, including the classrooms, and make a lower auditorium and in the upper part to construct the classrooms. Also I need to make dormitories in the upper part for the missionaries that we have, who come from the mountains, so they can sleep there along with those that are preparing for the ministry. They need to come down from the mountains every three months to train, and then we will send them out again. That is our vision, for as they are Indians who know the mountains and their dialect very well, it is easier to send them to their own people and to other ethnic groups to win them for the Lord. Waldo.” (December 19, 2006)

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