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Volume #2

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Basic Lessons For New Believers
Volume 2
Have a Victorious Christian Life!
By Pastor Waldo Castro

Used by Permission of the author and translated by Joyce Schmedel


How have you been doing in your Christian life? I imagine that you have been confrontedwith new challenges. That is very good and very beneficial for your relationship with God,for your spiritual development must continue to perfect the Work of God in your life.

In these new lessons you will learn to solve these first challenges in the Christianlife. You will become acquainted with how Jesus Christ is your model of conduct and yourneed to maintain an intimate relationship with Him by means of the Holy Spirit.

At these heights, also, you will begin some struggles with the enemy for he is notcontent to have you know God because you will begin to testify to other people of what Godhas done in you. Then surely you are going to gain others for Jesus Christ, as you alsowere won.

One of the basic fundamentals to have constant victory is to learn to know what is youridentity in Jesus Christ. That is to say, what your are in Him. That you will learn in thefourth lesson of this series.

Also, little by little, the Lord will introduce you to spiritual warfare. In theselessons you will learn the basics for protection and for your victory, which already hasbeen won by Christ for you.

Also, there is something more important that you must do, although that we will studywith more determination in the second level, for it needs very special attention. And, itis that, when we come to the Lord, we arrive with all kinds of hurts in the soul and theseneed to be healed. For to the contrary, they will hinder you very much in your walk withthe Lord. They can bring a hindrance to your spiritual growth. We have dedicated here onlytwo chapters on the importance of forgiveness to be really free. The Lord is going tospeak to you and to minister to you so that you can be healed of all the hurts thatoffenses have provoked.

We have three stages of teaching for new believers and in each stage various courseswere designed especially for you so that you will develop health. These are the product ofmany years of work in the ministry and from experiences for those that have crossed ourpaths.

Continue forward in your Christian life. The best is yet to come. May the Lord blessyou and prosper you always.

Your friend and servant,

Waldo Castro


=1= We congratulate you for accepting the challenge to disciple a new believer usingthe New Life in Christ Volume 2 as your guide. The results of this study canproduce eternal fruit.

=2= Let the Bible be always your authority to answer the questions. The student mustsearch for the biblical passages for himself, and proceed to answer the questions based onwhat the Bible says. Some new believers need a brief orientation to find the biblicalcitations in their Bibles.

=3= The manual can be used in many different ways. In the majority of cases, you willstudy a lesson a week, encouraging the disciple to do all the homework for each lesson.

=4= Make sure that your sessions are not too long.

=5= Encourage the student to answer the questions in his own words, to avoid copyingthe text word for word from his Bible. This will help him to analyze the meaning of thestudies texts.

=6= Avoid preaching to him. Use questions to discover what the student understands andto stimulate his active participation.

=7= Prepare yourself well for each session. As the teacher, you must be familiar withthe contents and the key ideas in each lesson.

Your preparation must include prayer for the student and preparation of your own heart.

=8= Make sure the student thinks about the practical implications for his life. Helphim to find specific practical applications.

The homework in the boxes under each lesson is designed with this purpose in mind. Usethem.

=9= Help the student to cultivate the habit of prayer. Teach him by praying with him.

=10= There is this, that to understand that discipleship is much more than to studylessons in New Life in Christ Volume 1 and 2. Discipleship implies a change of lifefor the disciple.

This manual is only an initial help. The student needs help to continue to seek changesin his character, in his way of thinking, in his habits, etc.

=11= It is of supreme importance that the disciple learns habits such as the dailyreading of the Bible, prayer, and the memorization of Bible verses.

At the beginning of each lesson, take time to review the previous memory verse and askthe question of how he is doing with his daily Bible study. Don’t continue on if hehas not completed some of the homework, but encourage him to do it.

Step 1

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)
________ God is a personal God.
________ I can know God through his names.
________ To know God it is enough only to pray and read the Bible.

In order to know a person, you must spend as much time as possible with him. Only inthis way you will know him more deeply. This same thing occurs in a personal relationshipwith God. You must spend as much time as possible with him to know him.

A Personal God

The Bible teaches us that God is a personal God, who is interested in everyone. We willsee in what form he deals with humanity.

=1= Psalms 139:1-3. What is it that God knows of us?

=2= Luke 5:18-20. On a certain day when Jesus taught a multitude, some people broughthim a paralytic man to heal. Jesus was not bothered by the interruption. On the contrary,what did Jesus do for the paralytic? v. 20, 24

=3= Luke 5:30-32 On another day, Jesus invited Levi, a known sinner, to follow him. Whydid they criticize Jesus?

How did the critics respond by His associating with sinners?

=4= After reading those verses, do you believe that God has a personal interest in you?

Yes ________ No ________ Why?

=5= How can you draw near to this personal God?

John 5:39

Jeremiah 33:3

Call on God, telling him your joys and your pains, asking his favor, etc.

Knowing God For Who He Is

God always seeks to have a relationship of love with each person. The Bible describesus like those Biblical people who knew God through his names and his characteristics.

=6= What name is given to God in Genesis 17:1?

What does it mean for our lives to say that God is all powerful?

=7= What is the name that is given to God in Exodus 34:14?

For what is God jealous? v. 14-15

Idolatry is to put something or someone in the place that corresponds to God. Thatcould be your family, sports, work, friends, etc.

Mark with an “x” the areas that are replacing God in your life.
________ Work
________ Friends
________ Family
________ Television
________ Money
________ A sweetheart
________ Sports
________ Habits
________ Other

=8= In Ephesians 2:14, it tells us that He is _____________________________.

For you, what does it mean that He is peace?

=9= In Psalms 23 God receives the name of Pastor. The principal work of a pastor ofsheep is to care for the flock.

Read Psalms 23 and take out the promises that you find there:

v. 1

v. 3a

v. 3b

v. 4

v. 6

=10= When you read these verses, what comes to your mind and heart?

God, the pastor, offers counsel. Do you accept being counseled or do you prefer to feelpity for yourself?

The pastor guides in paths of righteousness. Are you walking in these righteous paths?________ Yes ________ No

In what ways are you currently walking?

Do you feel that God worries about you? ________ Yes ________No

Do you believe that you could really come to know this personal God? ________ Yes________No

Would you be available to continue studying the Bible daily to get to know Him better?________ Yes ________ No

To DoAre you dedicating time to know God in a deeper way? ________ Yes ________No

If your answer is negative, are you available to commit yourself to God, to dedicate time in your daily life to know Him through prayer and Bible reading? ________ Yes ________ No

This commitment is very important. Today is important. Today is the day for you to know more the one who loves you and gave His life for you on the cross.

Date __________________________ Signature _________________________________________


To MeditateRead the list of the names of God that appear below and meditate on them during this week. If some are meaningful to you, mark them and thank the Lord for the blessing that you received through that name.

________ The Good Shepherd (John 10:11)
________ My Hope (Psalms 71:5)
________ My Deliverer (Psalms 18:2)
________ My Refuge (Psalms 32:7)
________ My Fortress (Psalms 18:2)
________ The Horn of My Salvation (Psalms 18:2)
________ Faithful and True (Revelation 19:11)
________ The Righteous Judge (2 Timothy 4:8)
________ The Mediator (1 Timothy 2:5)
________ Our Peace (Ephesians 2:14)
________ The Bread of Life (John 6:35)
________ The Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)
________ My Redeemer ( Psalms 19:14)
________ Our Great High Priest (Hebrews 4:14)

To Grow

This week read Psalms 1-7 (a chapter a day)

Memorize John 5:39
“Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.”

Step 2

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)
________ Christ loves us always in spite of what we do.
________ We are called to sacrifice ourselves to serve others.
________ To have compassion on others is a sign of weakness.

Christ is, and always will be, the best model that any person could have. He wasperfect in everything, the only person that in his life and work, could say, “I amthe way” and “Learn of me”.

=1= Why lives in me? Galatians 2:20

If Christ lives in me, how must I live now?

Follow the example of Christ in the following areas:


=2= How do you show Christ your love? Rom 5:8

The love of Christ in this verse is:

________ Unconditional (He always loves me, despite what I am).

________ Conditional (He loves me only when I am good.)

=3= Complete John 15:13 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down_________________ for his friends”

=4= At the present time, are we called to be sacrifices? ________ Yes ________ No

To love as Christ loved means to be available to sacrifice yourself for other people.That not only means to die for others, but also it means to dedicate time, to listen tothem, to help them with their problems, to give them help, etc.

=5= How will others know that we are true disciples of Christ? John 13:34-35

=6= How can I belong in the love of Christ? John 15:10

Humility and Service

=7= What must we learn of Christ? Matthew 11:29

=8= Read Philippians 2:5-8. Christ, being God, lived in heaven, separated from evil ofthis world. In spite of being God, He (v. 7) says that he took the form of a_________________________. What is it for you to be a servant?

=9= What was Christ’s maximum expression of service? The best shown from Hishumility was His death on the cross. (v. 8) His death was not only painful, but shameful.He died naked, between thieves, suffering the mockery of the people, and the mostscandalous, on a cross. Verse 5 exhorts us to imitate his humble attitude. How? v. 3-4

=10= According to Luke 6:31, what is a good way to serve other people?


=11= According to Matthew 9:35-36, Jesus had ______________________________ for themultitude. Why?

=12= How do you see today those that still are not believers? What is easier, to havecompassion for them or to despise them?

=13= The Pharisees, looking for some way to accuse Jesus, brought to Him an adulterouswoman. Quoting Moses, they asked him his opinion, if they should stone her or not. Jesusanswered, “He that is ____________________________, let him first______________________________.” John 8:7

=14= __________ True ____________ False: To have compassion toward sinners means toconceal his bad behavior.

Even though Jesus had compassion on her, He also exhorted her en v. 11 “go, and___________more.”

True compassion also moves us to exhort in love the person who practices evil.

Be Valiant To Confront Evil

=16= How did Christ confront the evil of the Pharisees in Matthew 23:27?

=17= To denounce hypocrisy and injustice requires courage. Is it correct to excuseourselves, saying that we don’t want to offend anyone?


=18= What example does Jesus give us in Mark 1:35?

Why do you believe that it is good to pray early?

=19= On one occasion Jesus prayed all night before making an important decision becausefor Him it was necessary to fulfill the will of His Father. Over what important decisiondid Jesus pray? Luke 6:12-13

God expects each believer to seek him in every decision that he makes. Besides, it isimportant to remember that Jesus no only prayed to make decisions, but also to havecommunion with His Father.

To ReflectChrist did the will of His Father and He glorified Him before the world. I, like him, how can I glorify Him with my life?

To Meditate

Christ prayed to His Father even before dawn. What do you do when you wake up?

If we don’t pray to our Father, what does it tell us about ourselves of our attitude?

To Do

In the following tasks, mark those that you tend to do.
________ I pray to God every day. I tell him that I want to be more like Christ every day.
________ I seek the divine will by means of the Word of God and prayer.
________ Every day I submit myself to Him, consecrating every part of my being.

To ThinkAre there attitudes that hinder you from following the example of Christ that we have seen in this lesson?

Below follows a list of sins that could be obstacles to following a life of humility and service. Mark those that you practice:
________ Worry about everything.
________ Difficulty forgiving.
________ Pride.
________ Lack of patience with other people.
________ Difficulty loving others.
________ Jealousy.
________ Envy.
________ Selfishness.
________ Anger.
________ Busybody.
________ I have filthy thoughts.
________ Disinterested in the needs of others.
________ Macho attitude.
________ Other

To Grow

Read this week Ephesians chapters 1-6 and Psalms 8 (a chapter a day)

Memorize Matthew 11:29
“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.”

Step 3

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)
________ The only ones that serve God are those that occupy themselves with work in my church.
________ The better Christians are those that have an ability to preach.
________ All Christians have the capability to serve.

Following The Example Of Christ

Service is part of the Christian life, but people don’t always understand what itmeans to serve.

In Matthew 20:26-28 Jesus taught His disciples the importance of service.

=1= Read Matthew 20:26-27. “…whosoever will be___________________among you,let him be your _________________; And whosoever will be ________________among you, lethim be your _________________.”

Those that worry only about themselves and their own happiness, never will find thehappiness they seek. Christ taught that success comes to those that forget aboutthemselves and give themselves to the service of others.

=2= For you, what does it mean to be a “servant” of others?

To serve means a sacrifice, but this sacrifice is accompanied by joy and contentment.More than a sacrifice, to serve is a privilege.

=3= The example most indicated that we must follow is that of Christ who said in Mat20:28 that He “…came not to be_________________________, but____________________, and to ____________________________ a ransom for many.”

=4= Make note of an example of how you can “give your life” to serve others:

Using Your Gift

The Bible teaches us that God has given gifts to every member of his church to help usto serve. A “gift” is a special ability and is necessary to contribute to thegrowth of the church.

=5= Which believers have received gifts? 1 Corinthians 12:7

Notice the “manifestation of the Spirit” refers to spiritual gifts.

=6= As for the use of your gift, 1 Peter 4:10 says “…minister the same one toanother…”.

What does this phrase mean?

The gifts never are for our own benefit. They have the purpose of edifying otherbelievers.

Read Romans 12:3-5 and answer the following questions:

=7= What concept must I fear from myself? v. 3

=8= The church is the body of Christ and is compared with the human body. Verse 5 says,”we, being__________, are ______body in Christ…”

therefore the function of each believer is to try to keep the unity of the body,seeking how to help others.

=9= It says in verse 4 that a body has many ________________________ but not all thesame __________________________. There are a variety of gifts in the church. We do not allhave the same gifts.

=10= Who are those that are most important in your church?
________The pastor
________ The teachers
________ The musicians
________ All are important.

=11= According to 1 Corinthians 12:20-22, do members exist in the body that are moreimportant than others?________________Why?

There is no place for boasting or for envy in reference to the gifts. He that enviesanother brother for the abilities that he has does not understand what these verses teach.God has different work for different brothers. Some have gifts that are seen in public,like those that preach or teach from the pulpit, but many use their gifts in a lessvisible way.

The people that boast of the gifts that they have, neither do they understand that Godhas given a variety of gifts to his children, or that all are equally important.

=12= The Bible mentions the gifts that God gives. For Example, to help, to teach, toexhort, to give with generosity, to administer, to show mercy, to evangelize, to pastor,etc. (Eph 4;11; Rom 12:6-8; 1Cor 12:7-10, 28-30)

=13= As we can see, not all have the same gift. Why is it important to know this?

No member should work isolated. All should work together using his abilities, we are acomplete body that functions well.

=14= How is the church affected if a believer does not use his gifts?

How Can You Know What Is Your Gift?

The best way to discover your gifts is by helping in any area that you are needed.After testing various ministries, take account of which are your areas of ability and inwhich areas you don’t have ability. Listen to the evaluation of mature brothers andsisters in respect to your abilities.

=15= Which gifts do you believe that you have received?

In Review

The Bible teaches that each believer must serve and not only to be served.

God has given us gifts to contribute to the growth of His church and we must use them.

To ReflectMake a list of the gifts that you believe God has given you and that agree with the Bible. Describe briefly how you can use them in your church or community.

Speak with your pastor and show him the list. Ask him that he include you where he can use your gift in the church.

To Think

The church is compared with the human body. Have you ever struck a finger and have not been able to use it? It is uncomfortable. True? Now imagine how the body of Christ is affected when some of the members don’t use their gifts.

How are the other brothers of your church affected when you don’t use the abilities that God has given you?

To StudyHow should a servant of Jesus Christ be?

Study the following passages, and make note of the attitude of a servant that is mentioned in each one.

1 Corinthians 15:15

Philippians 2:3-4

1 Corinthians 10:31

Colossians 3:23-24

To Grow

Read this week Colossians 1-4 and Psalms 9-11 (a chapter a day)

Memorize Matthew 20:27-28″Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

Step 4

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)
________ Now that I am a Christian, I am a member of a new family.
________ In Christ we have a very special position.
________ I have a Biblical base to maintain my self image on high.

It is of supreme importance to understand our position in Christ. Yet we have a veryastute enemy (Satan). On the first opportunity he will try to make your self esteem falland in this way you will come to spiritual failure.

Do we really have a position in Christ or is it only an illusion of the believer?

What does the Bible say in this respect?

I Am A Child Of God

=1= John 1:12. What does it mean to you, the phrase “ many as receivedhim…”

=2= What happens with the people that receive and believe in Jesus?

Without doubt, a child occupies a very special place in a family, and more yet when heis treated as a child in the family of God.

I Am A Temple Of God

=3= 1 Corinthians 6:19 says that each believer is a temple or a place of habitation ofGod. According to this verse, who lives in the believer?

=4= What does the phrase mean, “we are not our own”?

=5= If God, the Holy Spirit, lives in us, can Satan do what he wants with us? 1 John4:4 ________ Yes ________ No

I Am Holy

=6= According to Philippians 4:21, to whom does it refer when it uses the word”saints”?

=7= In 1 Corinthians 1:2 Paul wrote, “…to them that are ____________in__________________. ”

The “sanctified” are the believers, whose holiness does not come by our ownmerits, but by the work of Christ. God sets us apart from the values of the world so thatwe live according to the values of God.

I Am A Member Of The Body Of Christ

=8= 1Corinthians 12:27. “Now ye are the body of Christ, and _________________in________________.”

When the believer accepts Jesus, he is baptized by the Holy Spirit. That is to say, heintroduces you to the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:13) The “body of Christ” refersto the universal church, or being all the believers in all the world. (Ephesians 1:22-23)

=9= According to Ephesians 2:19 we are no longer strangers…but fellow citizenswith the saints and members of the __________________ of God.

=10= If we are members of the family of God, then the other believers are my_________________.

=11= Meditate on the function of a family. What does it meant to you to know that youhave a new family?

If you were born in a dysfunctional family, where you did not receive love andunderstanding, now already you can count on persons that are interested in you.

I Have Died To Sin

=12= Galatians 2:20 says, “I am ___________________with Christ…”

What does it mean to be crucified with Christ? Make note of the following phrase of theverse.

=13= According to Colossians 3:1 besides being crucified with Christ, I have been__________________

with Christ. Therefore, what must I do? v. 1

=14= To what does the expression refer, “the things above”?

I Am Free From Condemnation

=15= Romans 8:1. In Christ there is no _______________________________.

=16= Romans 5:1. “________________by faith, we have ____________withGod…”

“Justified” means that God declares us just by the merits of Christ.

To many believers, it is hard for them to believe that God really has pardoned them.Therefore they continue recriminating themselves for their sins. That feeling of guiltdoes not allow us to find victory in Christ. Precisely because of that the above versesare important.

I Am Special

=17= According to 1 Peter 2:9, what are we believers in Christ?
=a. ______________________________________=b. ______________________________________
=c. ______________________________________=d. ______________________________________

=18= What does it mean for you to know that you have a special position in Christ?

=19= Christ has already done so much for me. How must I live my life? 2 Corinthians5:15

To DoDuring this week, each day in your devotional, read some of the following passages and reflect on them regarding your position in Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Romans 6:1-11

Romans 6:12-23

John 15:1-5

John 15:15

Galatians 4:6-7

Ephesians 2:4-7

Philippians 3:20

1Peter 2:11

Having reflected on these verses, what do you think now of your position in Christ?

To Think

To understand what is our position in Christ, it will help us, at least in three areas of our lives, to daily:

=1. Maintain an adequate self esteem in agreement with the will of God.

=2. To live in holiness each day, for we will have a very clear plan of God for our lives.

=3. To stand firm in spiritual warfare that we have against Satan, the world, and the flesh.

To ReflectWhen you were a child, how was your family?

Did I received the following?
Love Yes ________ No ________
Help Yes ________ No ________
Understanding Yes ________ No ________
Encouragement Yes ________ No ________
Security Yes ________ No ________

If in your childhood love and security were lacking, know that all that remains behind. Today you have a new family in Christ. Pray because God removes from you all feeling of bitterness and give thanks to God for the members of your new family.

To Grow

Read this week Matthew 1-7 (a chapter a day)

Memorize Colossians 3:1″If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.”

Step 5

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)
________ The devil attacks the Christian, accusing him of his sins.
________ Satan uses lies to manipulate and intimidate us.
________ Every Christian is automatically protected from the devil.

The Invisible Warfare

=1= Ephesians 6:12 speaks of a struggle. According to this verse, the struggle is notagainst __________________________________, but against_________________________________________.

=2= For your understanding, who are these “rulers of the darkness”?

=3= What is Satan trying to do according to 1 Peter 5:8?

What attitude must the believer assume? v. 9

Who is our enemy?

Some have painted Satan as a personage of the comic strips, dressed in black or red, with horns or a tail. Probably Satan himself is the author of this comic image because the Bible paints him in a different way. Satan as well as his followers, the demons, are fallen angels. Satan was a Cherubim angel, perfect and beautiful until he rebelled against God (Ezekiel 28:14-15). From then he is a declared enemy of God and of His people.

Tactics Of The Enemy

Satan uses different tactics according to the person or the situation. En some cases,he works in an open way through occult practices like witchcraft, magic, etc. In othercases, he uses more discrete tactics. The more we know of his tactics, the better will beour resistance to him.

=4= Read Deuteronomy 18:10-12. What does it say concerning occult practices likedivination, sorcery, magic, consulting with the dead or spirits, etc. ? v. 12

Divination is to predict the future or to discover the occult things by means ofpremonitions. The diviners or psychics use practices like the horoscope, tarot cards, etc.At times they say they can read the mind.

=5= According to 2 Thessalonians 2:9 some servants of Satan act with great__________________ and
__________________ and _____________________________.

Satan uses his special powers to manipulate people, intimidate them, and deceive them,making them believe that he is invincible, or that the can grant them a favor, etc.

=6= John 8:44b “…he is a _________________ and the father of_______________.”

=7= We are in a struggle between the truth and the lie, where the battle is won in themind. It is because of this that Christ said in John 8:32 “Ye shall know________________________ and the truth shall make you free.”

=8= How can we know the truth?

=9= Satan disguises himself as _______________________________________ and hisministers as _______________________________________________________________(2 Corinthians11:14-15)

False religions and philosophies are examples of this tactic. The most effectiveservants of the devil are “good” people with attractive personalities. Theypresent an alternate plan that appears to be the truth. They deceive mixing the truth witherror.

=10= In Revelation 12:10b, another tactic of Satan is mentioned, which is what?

Why, after confessing your sins, many believers continue feeling guilty. They feel badbecause they believe the accusations of the devil instead of believing the promise offorgiveness in 1 John 1:9.

=11= What is the promise of 1 John 1:9?

Does 1 John 1:9 say that there are sins too great for God to forgive? ________Yes________ No

Is it necessary to do penance to receive forgiveness? ________ Yes ________ No

The problem of many believers is that they refuse to receive the forgiveness Godoffers. They continue recriminating themselves as a form of penance because theydon’t feel worthy. They forget that forgiveness of sins is a gift not earned. Whilethey think in this way, they lose resistance to the devil.

=12= Ephesians 2:2 speaks of people that live “according to the_______________________ of this world, according to the _____________________ of the powerof the air.”

The prince of the power of the air refers to the devil who tempts us using all that theworld offers. There is this to remember, that sin almost always appears very attractiveand produces pleasure at first.

The Confidence Of The Believer

=13= Even though Satan tries to make himself the master over us, we do not belong tohim. Read Colossians 2:15. What has Christ done with the “principalities andpowers” (the demonic forces)?

=14= What does 1 John 4:4 say about giving us confidence in the spiritual struggle?

=15= James 4:7 promises that Satan will flee from us, but we have to_____________________ to God and ______________________________ the devil.

=16= Read 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. Is there victory in Christ?

What must we do? v. 5b

To DeepenSatan uses lies to deceive and intimidate the children of God, trying to distract them from the true way.

Make a list of some of the lies that the devil has tried to use in your life.

To Believe

Read Matthew 8-14 this week (a chapter a day)

Memorize James 4:7
“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

To ReflectMany times, out of curiosity or out of ignorance, we put ourselves in dangerous situations.

If on some occasion you have involved yourself in some of the following prohibited practices, mark them.
________ Consulting a witch or a faith healer.
________ Sought contact with the dead.
________ Consulted a horoscope.
________ Consulted a psychic.
________ Made a pact with Satan.
________ Visited a diviner.
________ Used amulets to be able to have special power.
________ Saw Satanic films.
________ Practiced black or white magic.
________ Participated in Satanic rites.
________ Consulted with spirits.
________ Other occult practices. _________________________________________________________

You need to pray to God renouncing all past participation in occult practices. Seek help from a mature Christian brother or from your pastor.


Step 6

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F):
________ The Bible is an important part of my armor.
________ Faith is simply to believe that God will do what He has promised.
________ Satan attacks our standing of self esteem in Christ.

The Christian is not without defenses in the spiritual struggle. He has many resources,one of which is the armor mentioned in Ephesians 6:11-17.

=1= What purpose does the armor serve according to Ephesians 6:11, 13?

“…having your loins girt about with truth…” (v. 14) “Andtake…the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” (v. 17)

In the previous lesson we studied that Satan attacks by means of the mind, distortingthe truth enough to entrap us.

=2= What is it that gives liberty to the believer? John 8:32

=3= According to John 17:17, where do we find the truth?

To discover a counterfeit bill, the cashier at the bank has to know the real bill. Itis not possible to study all the types of counterfeit bills, but, if he knows very wellthe true bill, he can easily recognize the false.

=4= “To gird your loins with the truth”, is indispensable for the believer tohave a good knowledge of the Bible. How can a Christian increase his biblical knowledge?

Mark those that best describe your situation:
How much do you study your Bible in your devotional time?
________ Daily ________ From time to time ________ Almost never

Do you memorize the Bible verses?
________ Regularly ________ From time to time ________ Almost never

How much do you hear the preaching of the Word of God in your church?
________ Regularly ________ From time to time ________ Almost neverOn a scale from 1 to 10 quantify your ability to recognize the lies and the deceptions of the devil.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

=5= The sword of the Spirit is useful to defend us and to attack. Hebrews 4:12 saysthat the Bible is _____________________ and ______________________.

When we take the gospel, we invade the territory of Satan. We preach the Bible, not ourpersonal opinions. The Word is that which convinces people and frees man from sin.

=6= To protect us by means of the truth is important, not only being a________________________ of the word, not ___________________________________. James 1:22

“the breastplate of righteousness” v. 14

=7= According to Romans 3:24 we have been ____________________________freely by thegrace of God. Justification means that God has declared us just. It is not that we haveearned the right to be called just, but because of our believing in Christ, Hisrighteousness has cancelled our debt that condemns us.

=8= Romans 5:1. A consequence of our justification is that we have_____________________ with God. This truth protects us from the Satanic lie that we stillhave some debt with God.

=9= Justification gives us freedom to not obey sin, so, what are we now? Romans 6:18

To say no to sin and to do what is just is our best defense.

To put on the breastplate of righteousness is to remember every day that in Christ I amnot under condemnation. This truth defends me from the accusations of the enemy, and itrequires me to opt for a life without sin and with works of righteousness.

“feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace” v. 15

Standing in peace with God (Rom 5:1), I must always be prepared to take the gospel ofpeace to others.

=10= Romans 10:15 says, “…How beautiful are the __________________of themthat preach the gospel of ________________, and bring ____________________________!”

Remember that the armor we use to announce peace is the sword of the spirit, the wordof God. We trust the Word and not in our own abilities to touch the hard hearts of people.

“the shield of faith” v. 16

To use the shield of faith is to believe that God will act to conform to His characterand His revealed promises in His word. Faith is to trust in what I read in the Bible.

=11= What are “the fiery darts of the wicked”?

To use the shield of faith is to give credit to what God says instead of believing thelies and accusations of the enemy.

“the helmet of salvation” v. 17

The helmet protects the head, because the principal target of Satan is our mind. As theaccuser he attacks our self-esteem, trying to convince us that we are weak and that we arefailures. His end purpose is to convince us that we will never be victorious, and that itis useless for us to resist temptation. However, in Christ, we are not “losers”but “winners”.

=12= The benefits that salvation give me:

The right to be called _____________________________ John 1:12

I am not going to lose because I have ____________________________John 3:16

I have ___________________________with God. Romans 5:1

My sins have been ________________________. Colossians 1:14

To ReflectEphesians 6:16 exhorts us to use the shield of faith to quench the fiery darts of the enemy. Make a list of some of the darts that Satan has thrown recently.

What would you counsel the person that says, “But I don’t have much faith. My faith is weak.”?

What must we do to make our faith grow?

To Deepen

According to Philippians 4:6-7 the Christian experiences peace when he fulfills what it says in verse 6.

“Be ________________for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let ________________________ be made known unto God.”

Each one decides to choose peace or worry.

What is your decision?

_________ I choose peace, leaving everything in the hands of God.

_________ I decide to worry, burdening myself with only my problems.

To Grow

Read Matthew 5-13 this week. (a chapter a day)

Memorize Ephesians 6:11
“Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Step 7

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F):
________ I have the right to not forgive those that hurt me.
________ To forgive means to forget an offense.
________ Only I can free myself from bitterness through forgiveness.

The Need To Forgive Others

Search in Ephesians 4 for the answers to the following questions.

=1= Paul exhorts the believers to live in humility, bearing in patience one withanother. v. 2

What two characteristics must exist in my relationship with other brothers and sisters?Ephesians 4:2

=2= What does it mean “with longsuffering, forbearing one another”? v. 2

=3= Letting the sun go down on your wrath, is a way of giving place to__________________________. v. 26-27

=4= Why is it not healthy to go to bed angry?

In another passage, Paul spoke of the need to forgive others “…Lest Satanshould get an advantage of us.” (2 Cor. 2:10-11)

=5= Meditate for a moment. In what ways could Satan gain an advantage if we permit agrudge to seize us?

If I do not forgive others, would I be free? ________ Yes ________ No

Would I become a prisoner of bitterness? ________ Yes ________ No

Can I be well with God and hate a brother or sister? ________ Yes ________ No

Without forgiveness, who suffers more? ________ I ________ the Other Person

Prisoners Of Bitterness

There are many Christians that reject the Biblical command to forgive others, preferring to keep a grudge against those that hurt them. They prefer vengeance to forgiveness.

They say, “Never will I forgive him for what he did. Forgiveness like this is too easy. I want to see him suffer.”

What these people do not understand is that they are the ones that suffer more. To refuse to forgive, changes a person into a bitter person. They are not free, but enslaved by hatred seeking vengeance. They cannot be in peace, and their bitterness affects their relationships with others and with God. It is not important if the other person earns forgiveness or not. It is a Biblical command to forgive. Only in this way can a person live free.

=6= Verse 6 exhorts us to reject bitterness, anger, and hatred. What is the alternativeagainst hatred and bitterness? v. 32

How To Forgive Others

=7= What is the model to forgive others? v. 32

=8= How does God forgive? What types of people does God forgive? Romans 5:8

Read Romans 12:18-21 and answer the following questions.

=9= Is it possible to always be at peace with others? v. 18 ________ Yes ________ No


Even though I cannot obligate others to seek peace with me, I can be at peace withthem. I can do my part, which is to forgive those who offend me, and to excuse them.

=10= According to verse 19, why must we not seek vengeance?

Will those who do damage to others escape without punishment? ________ Yes ________ No

Will God settle accounts with them some day? _________ Yes ________ No

=11= How must you confront evil? v. 21

=12= How can you overcome evil with good? V. 20

“Thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head” refers to the fact that you treatan enemy well, and it makes him feel ashamed.

=13= Are there limits to forgiveness?

According to Matthew 18:21-22, how many times must I forgive my brother or sister?

Following Jesus, are there occasions when it is impossible or when it is not necessaryto forgive?

Steps To Forgive Others

=1. What do you feel toward that person? Admit your bitterness. If you refuse to recognize your strong emotions, it will be more difficult to resolve the issue by means of forgiveness.

=2. Remember that Christ died for them, and equally for you. Perhaps you believe that he does not deserve forgiveness, but neither do you deserve that Christ died for your sins.

=3. Decide to forgive the other person. Even though your emotions tell you, “no I will not forgive”, decide to free yourself from the grudge that you hold. Decide to forgive even though you may not feel like it. The decision is yours if you want to free yourself from the past.

=4. Pray to God, saying, “Lord, I forgive __________________________ (his name) for having done ______________________________________________________________ (the offense).

=5. Decide not to return to use this offense against him in the future or not to follow with recriminations against him for what he did.

=6. Remember that forgiveness is not the same as forgetting. You cannot erase from your memory an offense. After forgiveness, when an offense comes to mind, tell yourself, “I forgive him, and I refuse to continue meditating on the offense.”

=7. Don’t expect that your decision to forgive is going to cause any great changes in the other person. Even if that other person does not repent, at least you are free.

NOW, WHAT DO YOU DECIDE? ________ To Pardon ________ To Remain Bitter

To Forgive
What It Is And What It Is Not

What does it mean to forgive another person?

Read the following truths about forgiveness, and write on a separate sheet of paper correcting false ideas that you have held.

/ It does not mean to forget the offense with the hope that it will be so easy to erase the past from your memory. After forgiveness, it requires time for these memories to disappear.

/ It does not mean that you permit that person to continue manipulating or offending you. In love, there is this, that you confront what offends you. You can say that you have forgiven it, but you will not passively permit it to continue.

/ It means to stop recriminating another person. He that forgives, does not require vengeance or punishment for what was suffered.

/ It means to resign ourselves to live with the consequences of sin of another person. Whether we want it or not, the hurts still exist in us, and up to a certain point, the only solution is to live with it.

/ Forgiveness is the way to liberty from bitterness.

To GrowRead Matthew 22-28 this week. (a chapter a day)

Memorize Colossians 3:13
“Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.”

Step 8

Write TRUE (T) and FALSE (F):
________ You can love God, and at the same time hate your enemy.
________ It is important to request forgiveness for a committed offense, even though the other person
is not willing to ask for forgiveness from me.
________ You must seek reconciliation verbally face to face.

When there are conflicts in your family, and you offend others, what do you do?
________ I feel very bad, but I don’t say anything to the other person.
________ The two should spend time not speaking. Then when they do start talking,it’s believed that things will be better.
________ I go to the other person, admit my fault, and ask forgiveness orally.

Why Request Forgiveness Of Others

=1= When you love a person, do you treat him with offenses or insults?

How do you treat him?

=2= Read 1 John 4:20. Is it possible to love God, and at the same time, hate anotherperson? ________ Yes ________ No

Read Matthew 5:23-26 and answer the following questions.

=3= If you have offended someone, and you have not sought reconciliation, is itpossible to maintain your communion with God? ________ Yes ________ No

=4= Is your offering, your worship, or your service to God valid, if you are notreconciled to your brother or sister? v. 23-24 ________ Yes ________ No


=5= According to verse 25, why is it urgent to seek reconciliation with your adversary?

=6= Even though disputes don’t always go to the extreme of a criminal accusation,do you believe that it is urgent to rectify each dispute as soon as possible? ________ Yes________ No Why?

According to verse 22, to provoke another to wrath, I am exposing the other person tojudgment. Not seeking reconciliation not only affects us, but also affects our adversary.

Verse 23 says, “thy brother hath ought against thee”. This means that one hasdone something that offended his brother. One key step to seek reconciliation is to go tohim until your brother excuses you.

=7= Why do you believe that people think the cost is too high to go and requestforgiveness from another?

How Do You Request Forgiveness From Another Person?

=8= At times, words are not enough. There are occasions when it is necessary to payrestitution for damage done to another. Zacchaeus was a tax collector, a corrupt man whohad robbed many. When he was converted, what did he promise to do? Luke 19:8

In the time of the Old Testament, it was a requirement to compensate for damage done,and to add a fine of 20% (Num 5:7). Even though we do not live under this law, theprinciple of restitution is valid today.

The process of requesting forgiveness from others has various steps.Prepare yourself for reconciliation:

  • Admit to yourself your faults. Be honest, recognizing that you have offended another person.
  • Once you recognize your faults, ask God to forgive you.
  • If the other person is also guilty of offending you, have you forgiven him?
  • Seek the appropriate place and the appropriate time to speak with the offended person.

To speak with the offended person:

  • You must speak personally face to face and only with that person, except in cases of acts of immorality or sexual abuse. In these cases, a counselor or your pastor must be present.
  • Plan well the words that you will use to ask him to excuse you. There is this. Admit that you were wrong. Use words like, “wrong”, “made a mistake”, etc. Don’t treat your guilt lightly.
  • Be humble. Don’t try to excuse your actions, or cast guilt on others, or defend yourself. Admit your responsibility, even when the other person is also guilty.
  • Never go into too much detail, but, yes, be clear about your fault that you are confessing.
  • Finish your confession with a direct question, “Will you please forgive me?”
  • Don’t write a letter, except in the case where there is no other way to communicate. A letter is easily mis- interpreted. Besides, a letter can be read by third persons that have nothing to do with the matter.
  • When it is necessary, make restitution by paying for the damage.

If he does not forgive me…?

– If the other person refuses to pardon you, surrender your case to God and leave it all in His hands. On fulfilling your part, you are free even though the other person continues his resentment. Reflect on Romans 12:18.

=9= What do you decide? Are you available to go and request forgiveness fromthose that you have offended? ________ Yes ________ No

To ThinkHow do you answer those people who say the following?

/ I am always available to ask him to forgive me when he does it also.
/ It is better not to excuse him, because afterwards, he would use my confession against me.
/ If I ask for forgiveness, he will only mock me.
/ I ask him to forgive me, but he does not forgive me. Then, what did it serve? Are we not the same as before?

To ReflectTo you, what does it mean “to reconcile” with your brother?

Do you have a need to reconcile with someone? Who are they?
________ a Spouse
________ Children
________ Parents
________ Parents
________ Companions
________ Others

What would you do today to draw closer to these people?

To Grow

Read 1 Corinthians 1-7 this week (a chapter a day)

Memorize Matthew 5:23-24
“Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.”

Step 9

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F):
________ I can live in holiness and sin at the same time.
________ God calls me to be holy because He is holy.
________ To live in holiness, I must do good deeds.

Called To Be Holy

Pablo was used to calling the believers “saints” (Eph 1:1; Phi 1:1). Why? Hecalled them that because the term, “saints”, expressed a new position in Christ.By the blood of Christ, God spoke about them declaring them just and holy.

=1= According to 1 Corinthians 1:2, Christ has sanctified us. That means that Heseparated us for holiness. Even though we are already sanctified, we are also called________________ v. 2. That means that He calls us to live a life renouncing sin, anddedicated to God.

=2= What is holiness? We can explain it in this way:

    1. It is to be called to leave sin and to surrender ourselves to God.
    2. It is a characteristic of God himself (1Peter 1:15-16)
    3. It is a characteristic that we can have in Him. (2 Corinthians 7:1; 1 Thessalonians 4:3).

=3= Read 1 Peter 1:15-16 and answer, who is holy?

Can you be holy? ________ Yes ________ No

Some people see holiness as something impossible to achieve, but God would not havecommanded us to be holy if it was impossible.

=4= Do all Christians live holy lives? ________ Yes ________ No

Why don’t all believers live in holiness? The Bible warns that to live inholiness, there is such a thing as separating yourself from some things. For example 1Thessalonians 4:3, 7 says that it is necessary to abstain from________________________________ (v. 3) and _____________________________ (v. 7)

Make a note of some examples of other things that we must abstain from:

=5= Then, what is so important about holiness for the Christian? Is it a command oronly another option?

How Can We Live In Holiness?

=6= To make perfect our holiness, we have to _______________________________________ 2Cor 7:1

=7= What does God do in us to help us be holy? 1 John 1:9

=8= Read Proverbs 4:23. Of what must we take care?

=9= What practical suggestions from the Bible do you need to take care of your heart?

Psalms 119:11

Colossians 3:2

=10= To live in holiness means to have a consecrated life. What is a consecrated life?

Read Romans 6:19. If we used our bodies before coming to Christ for impure acts, wemust now use them for acts that please God.

The Daily Consecration

=11= Read Romans 12:1-2. What does God request of me in verse 1?

=12= What is a “living sacrifice”?

The following prayer can serve as a model for that daily surrender.

=13= Verse 2 coaxes us to not conform ourselves to the way the world lives and thinks.

“Lord, I surrender myself to you.
Take my mind and what I think.
Take my eyes and what I see.
Take my ears and what I hear.
Take my lips and what I speak.
Take my heart and what I feel and my attitudes.
Take my hands and what I do.
Take my feet and where I go.
Take my body, it is your temple.
Fill me with your Holy Spirit.
I want to obey you. I want to do your will.”

Make a list of things that can impede your holiness.

=14= So as to not mold yourself to the world system, it is necessary to renew your_______________ v. 2.

In this way, you can know the divine will of God for you.

What are some forms of renewing the mind?

=15= It is important to reaffirm daily your commitment with God to please God, to knowHim better, and to receive His blessing in your life.

Are you available to surrender yourself to Him today and every day of your life?

Yes ________ No ________ Signature _________________________ Date _____________________

To ReflectWe must live in such a way as to obtain “the prize”. 1 Corinthians 9:24

Will you receive the prize for your current form of living?
________ Yes ________ No ________ I am not sure.

If you are not sure, the following task could help you to diagnose why.

To Diagnose

There are many things that can obstruct your growth in holiness.

Mark the blanks in the following list of things that are obstructing the work of Christ in your life.
________ Friends
________ Family
________ Work
________ Music
________ Television, videos, etc.
________ Possessions
________ Lack of daily devotional time
________ Daily tasks
________ Lack of attending church
________ Habits. Which ones?
________ Other obstacles

Now surrender these obstacles to God, confessing to Him your sins.

To Deepen=1. Holiness begins in the mind and extends itself to actions. Phi 4:8
=2. Holiness includes control over the body and the emotions. 1Cor 9:27

To Review

God has given me all the tools for holiness.

=1. He has given me salvation.
=2. He freed me from the slavery of sin.
=3. I am free from condemnation.
=4. The Holy Spirit lives in me to produce His fruit.
=5. He gave me the Bible that reveals to me His will.
=6. He offers me the opportunity of surrendering my life to Him daily.

To Believe

Read 1 Corinthians 8-14 this week (a chapter a day).

Memorize 1 Peter 1:14-15
“As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance: But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation.”

Step 10

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F):
________ There are more important things than to win good and to live comfortably.
________ The responsibility of giving to the church falls only on the brothers and sisters that have a good salary.
________ Everything good that we have is provided by God.

My Attitude Toward Material Things

=1= According to Luke 12:15, why must I keep myself from greed?

If man’s life does not consist in the abundance of material goods that he has,then in what does man’s life consist? See Luke 12:31

=2= Read 1 Timothy 6:17-19. Why must I not trust in riches? vs. 17

=3= Who gives me what I need to live? vs. 17

How should each one of us express our gratitude to God?

=4= For what riches must the Christian search? vs. 18-19

=5= The Bible says that I am an administrator of the mysteries of God.

What are the major requirements to be a good administrator? 1 Corinthians 4:2

=6= What are some of the things that God has given me to administer?

Administering My Money

Money is one of the things that God has given us to administer. The Bible teaches thatit is important to return to God a part of what He has given us. This part is called,tithes and offerings.

=7= When must I give an offering to God? 1 Corinthians 16:2

This means that it is important to help the work of God in a consistent manner and notsporadically. The “first day of the week” refers to Sunday.

=8= Is it good to make an offering only when I have extra money? ________ Yes ________No


=9= It says in 1 Corinthians 16:2 that one must offer as__________________________________.

“as God hath prospered him” means, to give in accord to our increase. He thatreceives more, gives more. He that receives less gives less.

=10= In Old Testament times, the tithe was a command. (Lev 17:30-32)

What is the tithe?

The tenth part of something is the tithe. In other words, 10%.

=11= If in Old Testament times they gave 10% of their increase to God. Now that we arein Christ, must I give the tithe as a minimum? ________ Yes ________ No

With What Attitude Must I Give An Offering?

=12= According to 2 Corinthians 9:6, your offering is an investment in the work of God.Therefore, I must give _____________________________.

Even though the believers of Macedonia were poor, they offered with generosity to Paul.They sacrificed. (2 Cor 8:1-3). The responsibility and the privilege of helping the workof God is not just for wealthy people.

=13= According to 2 Corinthians 9:7, the believer must give his offering “as________________ in his heart”. This means that it is important to plan and togive with intelligence, and not by mere impulse.

=14= According to 2 Corinthians 9:7, he must give “not ___________________ or of_______________,

for God loves a _____________________giver”.

=15= From what must we guard ourselves in our offerings, according to Matthew 6:1-2?

How must the Christian give? Matthew 6:3-4

The Blessings of Giving An Offering

=16= What do the following passages tell us about the blessings of giving an offeringto God with generosity and sacrifice?

2 Corinthians 9:6

Acts 20:35

Why is it more blessed to give than to receive?

To ReflectRead the story of the widow that helped Elijah in 1 Kings 17:8-16

What do you learn from this story?

Do you believe that it is worth it to sacrifice to help the work of God? Why?

What warning does Christ give to those that trust in their riches? Luke 12:16-21

To Calculate

How much are my monthly earnings?

How much is 10% of my monthly earnings?

To Decide

My church must be the first to receive my economic help, because it is there where I receive teaching, help, and spiritual care.

With the help of God I propose to give an offering to my church the sum of :

____________________ each month

____________________ each week

To Grow

Read 1 Corinthians 15-16 and Psalms 12-16 this week (a chapter a day).

Memorize 2 Corinthians 9:6
“But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.”

Step 11

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F):
________ Are there things that the Bible does not prohibit but that for me are not convenient?
|________ My actions can be like a stone of stumbling to others.
________ My freedom in Christ gives me permission to do what I want.

Today in our society there exists a series of controversial practices that affectbelievers. For example, there are differences of opinion among Christians in how to dress,in music, and in some entertainment.

These “doubtful” practices cause controversy among Christians because somepeople consider them permitted, while others believe that they must not practice them.Always different opinions exist as soon as the Bible does not prohibit specific things.

In the time of Paul, he confronted the controversy of whether a believer could eat thefood sacrificed to idols or not. The following selected principles from his teachings willhelp you to make decisions in doubtful areas.

Is it convenient?

=1= In 1Cor 10:23 Paul presents an important principle that can apply to any area ofour life. What does it mean for you, “All things are lawful for me, but all thingsare not expedient:” (“Lawful” means Permitted”).

=2= Can you give an example of something that is not prohibited in the Bible, butneither is it good for your life?

=3= Why are some things not good for you? Focus on the last phrase of 1Cor 10:23 andanswer:

Even though you are at liberty to practice many things, not everything__________________________.

If something does not edify, it is better to avoid it, even though it may not beexpressly prohibited in the Bible. Therefore, a good way to judge the beneficial nature ofsome things is to ask:

  • Does it help me to grow as a Christian?
  • Could it prejudice my thinking in some way?

=4= Read 1Cor 6:12. What do understand of the last part of the verse?

The lives of some Christians are dominated by fashion, music, television, etc. Manytimes they do not take into account the influence that these things exercise in theirlives.

=5= If something is dominating your life, is it good for you?

Do you consider that there are things not good that are controlling some areas of yourlife?

If there are, what are they?

How Will It Affect Others? The Principle Of Love

What warning is there in 1Cor 8:9?

=7= In 1Cor 8:13 Paul makes clear his position in taking into account not to make abrother Christian stumble. What are you showing with this action?

=8= What customs or actions should you as a believer avoid? Rom 14:13

=9= Take note of what in your life could cause a stumbling to others.

=10= According to Rom 14:19, what should we follow? ____________________________and

“Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s wealth.” 1Cor10:24

The consideration toward other people must be a principle that controls our life. Todaythere are customs and activities that for some are good but for others are bad. They canbe dressing, speaking, eating, attending entertainment and still be appropriate things ofthe church. Therefore, love limits my Christian liberty as to how it will affect thegrowth of another Christian. For consideration to my Christian brother or sister I limitmyself.

Does It Glorify God?

=11= What must be my goal in all that I do? 1Cor 10:31

Ask yourself, “Can I do this and glorify God at the same time?”

In Review: To decide in doubtful areas, I must take into account:

  • Even though it may not be prohibited, is it good for me? Does it edify me?
  • How does it affect brothers and sisters in Christ? Does it edify them or will it make them fall in their faith?
  • Does it glorify God?
Avoid The ExtremesLicentiousness: This is when a person practices his liberty in Christ without prudence. He does not examine the things to see if really they are good for his growth. Neither does he take into account how his actions affect other brothers or sisters in the faith. Others are not important.

Legalism: There are persons that govern their lives by prohibitions. They believe that if they fulfill a list of prohibitions, they will be spiritual. Their concept of spirituality is based more on what they do not do rather than in what they do. At the same time, they judge other brothers and sisters that feel free to practice some doubtful things. They reflect attitudes of superiority, criticism, and negativism.

A Balanced Life: This person examines the doubtful things, avoiding what is damaging and what does not edify. Out of love for his brothers and sisters, he limits his liberty, so that he will be be a stone of stumbling. He tries to glorify God in all that he does.

To Reflect

Dedicate a time and analyze your life. Am I edifying the lives of my brothers or sisters in Christ with my actions?

Make a list of actions that can be stones of stumbling to others. See if, in your life, there are some and ask the Lord to help you to overcome them for the love of your brother or sister.

Now think of ways with which you can edify your brothers and sisters in Christ. Make note of some concrete examples below.

To Study

Read Col 3:23-24 and find the principles that this scripture contains.

To Do

Read and meditate on 1Cor 10:23-33 Find some practical applications for your life.

To Grow

Read this week 2Corinthians 1-7 (one chapter a day)

Memorize 1Cor 10:23
“All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.”

Step 12

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F):
________ The Bible is the only dependable guide for my life.
________ All preaching is based on the Word of God.
________ It is important not only to study the Bible, but also it must be lived.

What must I do?

In whom must I believe?

What church should I attend?

We ask these questions many times because the world in which we live is contradictoryand very confusing. Who has the truth? In the end, how can we make wise decisions?

The Bible Indicates The Correct Way

=1= In a world where everyone says he has the truth, where do you find the truth? John17:17

=2= What is more correct to say:

________The Bible contains the truth.
________The Bible is the truth.

=3= What does Bible Study do in our life?

Psalms 119:98

Psalms 119:130

=4= Besides the importance of studying the Bible, what does Matthew 7:24-27 say?”Therefore whosoever ____________ these sayings of mine,and _____________ them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon arock:” vs. 24

“And every one that ____________ these sayings of mine, and ____________________,shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand.” vs. 26

=5= What is the major difference between what is constructed on the rock and what isconstructed on the sand?

=6= According to John 7:17, the person that can discern between a false teacher and atrue one is that__________________________________________________________________________

According to this passage, it is not sufficient to have Biblical knowledge but to havea willingness to obey what God commands. See also James 1:22-24

Be Careful Of False Teachers

=7= If a preacher is popular, does that indicate he is affectionately attached to theBible? _______ Yes ________ No

=8= There are many teachers and preachers that speak of God, but are not necessarilygood. What does Matthew 7:15 teach us?

=9= How can we know the truth? Matthew 7:16-17

=10= Paul, in 2 timothy 2:15, coaxes us to ____________________ the word of truth.

What does it mean that one must take care of not twisting the Word or using it for ourown ends, or to manipulate other people. (Read 1 The 2:3-6)

=11= Are there preachers that use the Word wrongly? ________ Yes ________ No

How have you noticed that they do it?

How To Choose A Church That Preaches The Truth

These questions can help you to evaluate a church:
________ Yes ________ No Do the messages explain the Bible in a orderly and clear way?
________ Yes ________ No Are the leaders men of faith? Do they show the fruit of the Spirit?
________ Yes ________ No Are there those that accept what the preacher says without thinking for
________ Yes ________ No Does manipulation exist?
________ Yes ________ No Do the believers of this church concern themselves one with another?
________ Yes ________ No Does Biblical teaching dominate over emotionalism?
________ Yes ________ No Does the church encourage the believers to study the Bible for themselves?
________ Yes ________ No In this church, do they praise Christ more than those that minister?
________ Yes ________ No Do the messages edify more than they demonstrate a show of anger?
________ Yes ________ No Does the church emphasize grace over and above rules of law?

Interpreting The Bible

Why is there so much confusion in regard to the meaning of some passages? The followingsimple principles can help us:

/ There is this, that you read the scripture with an open mind to what the HolySpirit wants to say to us, without having prejudice or preconceived ideas.

/ Interpret the Bible literally. That is to say, understand the words in theirnormal sense, not trying to “spiritualize” them or seek hidden meanings.

/ Take into account the context of the verse that you are trying to interpret.The “context” refers to the verses that come before and after. If you do nottake into account the context, the interpretation can be twisted.

/ The Bible interprets itself, comparing one passage with others. What otherpassages say can help us to understand a passage. This means that you interpret adifficult passage in the light of other more clear passages.

/ Take into account figurative use of the language such as metaphors, similes,analogies, hyperbolas, etc. For example, when Christ said, “I am the way”, weknow that He is speaking in a figurative way.

To DecidePerhaps after studying this lesson, has it given you concern that you have lacked spiritual discernment in the past?

Perhaps you have heard false counsel of wisdom, or you have subjected yourself to some church that manipulates believers in trying to control them instead of training them to study the Bible for themselves.

At best you have been persuaded by emotion to preachers without evaluating their message.

Let what was, be in the past. Now take account of your need for more discernment, but how do you acquire it?

Remember what you learned in Lesson 9: To discover a false dollar bill, the cashier of the bank has to know the true bill. It is not possible to study all the types of false bills, but if you know well the true one, you will recognize easily the false.

To discern the true and the false, you need to know more of the Bible.
________ I decide today to dedicate more time to study the Word of God.
________ I am going to have my devotional time each day at _________________ (hour)

Signed ________________________________
Date __________________________________

To DeepenHow can I know the will of God for the big decisions in my life?

See the Page in Appendix #1 about Knowing the Will of God

To Reflect

Some churches are based on religious traditions more than on the Bible. At times these traditions come to distort the Biblical teaching.

Can you think of some religious traditions that do not have a Biblical base?

To Grow

Read 2 Corinthians 8-13 and Psalms 17 this week (a chapter a day)

Memorize 2 Timothy 2:15
“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Step 13

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)
________ I can decide if I want not to evangelize.
________ The majority of people on earth will go to heaven.
________ An effective evangelist has compassion for the non-believers.

We remember that to evangelize is to share with other people the plan of salvation, sothat they also come to accept Christ as their Savior.

Why Evangelize?

=1= ?What does Romans 3:10-12, 23 tell us of the condition of man?

Therefore, all of us need Christ in our hearts.

=2= There are two ways that arrive at two destinies (Matthew 7:13-14)

The broad way leads to __________________________; the narrow way leads to___________________.

Which is the destiny of the majority of people?

=3= Some of the reasons that so many are lost is because there are many_________________________. Matthew 7:15. Jesus Christ described these teachers as wolvesdressed like sheep, indicating that the false teaching almost always appears to besomething attractive and good.

=4= In 1John 2:28 we are commanded to ____________________________ to Christ, so thatat his coming we well not be ___________________________________________________.

He that belongs to Christ will be obedient to his commands of bringing the gospel tothe entire world. We do not know know the day or the hour but each day we are more near tohis coming. Romans 13:11

=5= To evangelize is not an option in which I can decide, yes, I will go, or no, I willnot go to evangelize. Read the following passages and notice the command.

Matthew 28:19

Mark 16:15

Acts 1:8

2 Timothy 4:2

In this way, like these passages, and there are more, in which we find ourselves, wefind that to evangelize is not an option but it is a command.

We have said that all believers must present the message of Christ. But for our messageto be effective, we must fulfill certain requirements.

Requirements To Evangelize:

=6= We must have been born __________________________ Juan 3:3

=7= According to John 15:4,5 we must __________________________________ in Christ. Thatis to live in communion with Christ, depending on Him always.

=8= We must have __________________________________ for people, as Christ had it.Matthew 9:36; 14:14

=9= According to Matthew 7:29, we need to _________________________. That does not meanthat we have to walk around doing miracles or healings, but that we should have command ofthe Scriptures to preach. And over all, we must demonstrate with our own life what Christhas done for us with his Word. (Matthew 5:16).

=10= Don’t __________________________________ to give a testimony of Christ. 2Timothy 1:8

You Owe It To Evangelize

To Pray: Ask God to guide you by the Holy Spirit so you can present the messagewith efficiency at the opportune moment.

Scrutinize the Bible: It is important that the messenger of God study the Bibledaily for it is the Bible that gives testimony of Jesus. (John 5:39)

Memorize the plan of Salvation: See the simple plan in Appendix #2. It is importantto have a simple plan memorized to be able to take advantage of any opportunity. If youmemorize the plan of salvation, it will give you more confidence at the moment of sharing.

How To Begin A Evangelistic Conversation

Depend on the Holy Spirit to open the door for the purpose of giving your testimony.The following questions can help to begin a conversation.

/ Suppose that you died today and God asked you, “Why should I allow you to enterheaven?”

What would you answer?

The answer to this question indicates if a person understands the gospel or if he istrusting in his works to save him.

/ In your opinion, what does a person have to do to go to heaven? Do you know what theBible says about this subject?

/Would you help me giving me your opinion about death? If the person says yes, thenpresent him with your treatment of the gospel.

/ When you are speaking about themes like the problems in the world (crime, familyproblems, etc.) ask, “What would be the solution to such problems? Do you know thatthe Bible has the answers to these problems?

/ Have you arrived at the point of feeling secure about entering heaven if you woulddie today? Would you like to know how you can have this security?

/ When someone recounts a personal problem that he has, ask, Could I pray for you atthis moment? The majority of persons will be very pleased at your interest and yourprayer. This leaves the door open to share more with him on another occasion.

/ Where are you in your spiritual pilgrimage?

/ Has anyone ever explained to you how you can know God? Please permit me to share whatthe Bible says with respect to this theme?

To ReflectRead Revelations 20:11-15 and choose some of the following options:
________ Would you like it if your family and friends were thrown into the lake of fire?
________ Would it be better if they were with you enjoying eternal life? Revelation 21:1-7

To Do

From this moment, commit to pray for the following persons so that God will give you the opportunity to share Christ with them.

Counsel For Someone To Share Christ:=1. Be sincere. People will take notice.
=2. Be assured. It is not necessary to be rich to have a happy appearance.
=3. Be loving with people. At times it is not important how much you say but how you say it.
=4. Be humble. We must speak to convince not to overcome.
=5. Listen. This will help you to present the message effectively.
=6. Memorize verses to accompany your presentation of the gospel.

To Think

Reflect on the commands of 1 Peter 3:15 and make a note of them:

To Grow

Read this week 1 Timothy 1-6 and Psalms 18 (a chapter a day)

Memorize Romans 10:15
“And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”

Step 14

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)
________ The rapture is the same as the tribulation.
________ To the un-believers, a horrible time of judgment awaits them.
________ At any moment, Christ could take away his children to be in His presence.

At times, seeing confusion in the world, one asks, “what do we expect in thefuture? Is God still in control of the world?” The Bible describes the sovereign planof God for the future. We see some of its details here:

The Prophetic Calendar

The Resurrection of the
Unbelievers for final judgment

The Rapture

The Second Coming

The Great White Throne

The Church

The Tribulation

The Millennial Kingdom


(The current age)

7 years

1000 years

For the Righteous
Lake of Fire
For the Unrighteous

Resurrection from
the dead in
The living believers
will be

The return of Christ
to the earth.
Resurrection of
the Old Testament
believers and tribulation

The Rapture

The Bible teaches that in an unexpected moment, Christ will come personally for Hischurch. This event is called the catching away (The Rapture). It could happen at anymoment. He will come in the clouds to catch away this church. It is a different event thanthe Second Coming. 1 The 4:13-18; 1 Cor 15:51-53

Read 1 The 4:13-18. Here, Paul, answers the question, “What will happen with theChristians that have already died? We see his answer.

=1= What happens when the trumpet sounds and the Lord descends from heaven? v. 16b.

v. 17

=2= Who comes to catch us away? v. 16

=3= Where will we find ourselves with the Lord? v. 17

=4= Where will we be after the rapture? v. 17

Read 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 and answer the following questions:

=5= “We shall not __________________________, but we shall all be_________________”v. 51

The word “sleep” is a reference to death. Not all believers will die becausethey will be raptured before they die.

“Will all living believers be raptured or only some?

=6= In the rapture, the corruptible will be changed to ______________________ and themortal will put on ___________________________. v. 53.

What do you believe this means?

=7= How much time will the fulfillment of the rapture take? v. 52

In Review: At any moment, Christ could come to rapture His church. It will occur inan instant. First the dead Christians will resurrect, then the living Christians will goto be with Christ forever. Both the living and dead believers will be transformed. Theywill receive new bodies, and no more will they struggle with disabilities, sickness, orsin.

The Tribulation

The Bible teaches that after the Rapture of the church, seven years of Tribulation willcome on the entire world.

=8= Matthew 24:21 says, “For then shall be___________________, such as was notsince the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” Verse 22 saysthat there will be no survivors outside of the intervention of God who will end it.

The Book of Revelation describes the time of the Tribulation in this way:

/ It begins after the Rapture of the church.

/ It will be a time when God will give a slack hand to his wrath against perversehumanity. (Rev 14:19-20)

/ There will be three series of judgments. (Rev 6:8-9, 15-16) These include war,famine, death (more than half of the world’s population), plagues, and earthquakes.The third part of all the green grass, drinkable water, and all that live in the sea willbe destroyed. The people will be tormented during five months with a pain so intense thatthey will desire to die.

/ The entire world will fall under the dominion of the Antichrist, the declared enemyof God and of God’s people. (Rev 13:3,4,7)

/ Those that desire to follow God will be very much persecuted, until death. (Rev6:9-11; 7:9-14; 20:4).

Also, there will be a strong persecution for Israel. (Rev 12; Mat 24)

/ There will be many false religions, one of which will be dedicated to the worship ofthe Antichrist. (2 The 2:3-4, 9; Rev 13:8,11-18)

/ It will end when Christ returns to the earth to judge the evil and to establish Hiskingdom.

To ReflectDo you have some family member in Christ that has passed away? How do you feel after reading and meditating on the truth of 1 The 4:13-16?

To Think About

Does the Bible say that all religious people will be raptured? Yes ________ No ________

Are there people that say they are Christians but, in reality, they are not? Yes ________ No ________

What will happen to these people in the Rapture?

To GrowRead 2 Timothy 1-4 and Psalms 19-21 this week. (a chapter a day)

Memorize 1 The 4:17
“Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

To Meditate

Some people have heard the gospel, but they have not wanted to accept Christ. They say, “If in truth the Rapture happens and all the Christians disappear, then after that I will accept Christ.”

In light of what the Bible teaches in reference to the Tribulation, what would you say to these people? Before answering, read Rev 20:4 so see that it will happen with many of them accepting Christ during the Tribulation.

Step 15

Write TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)
________ The Second Coming of Christ will be a moment of joy for the majority of people.
________ One day Christ will return to judge and to reign over the world.
________ The non-believers will be judged and cast into the Lake of Fire.

The Second Coming Of Christ

In contrast with the Rapture, when Christ comes in invisible form to retrieve Hischurch, the Bible also speaks of the Second Coming of Christ. At the end of thetribulation, when the world is at the point of annihilation, Christ will come in visibleform to judge the world and to establish His kingdom of 1,000 years on the earth.

=1= Who will see the Second Coming of Christ to the earth? Rev 1:7

=2= When Christ returns, there will be ________________on the part of many people.

Read Rev 19:11-16 and answer the following questions:

=3= He comes with righteousness to ____________________and _________________v. 11.

=4= Christ will come to “tread the winepress of the_______________________________________of Almighty God.” v. 15

=5= Who should be afraid of the Second Coming?

In contrast, for the just, the Second Coming is a time of rejoicing; it signals the endof the dominion of the Antichrist, and the beginning of a righteous kingdom.

=6= His name is ______________________________________v. 11 This means that even thoughHe comes to judge, His judgments will always be according to truth and righteousness. Allwill receive their reward.

=7= Verse 16 calls Christ ____________________________________________________________.

Christ comes to establish His perfect kingdom on earth. He will be king over allhumanity, but He has to judge evil first, so that righteousness will triumph in Hiskingdom.

In Review: At the end of the Tribulation, Christ will come to the earth to fulfilltwo purposes: to judge and to reign. His judgment will be terrible over the evil while Hiskingdom will be perfect, just and peaceful.

The Millennial Kingdom

After the Second Coming, Christ will establish His perfect kingdom of peace andrighteousness on the earth that last 1,000 years.

=8= Where will Satan be during the Millennium? Rev 20:1-3

=9= Isaiah 11:4 describes the Millennium as a time of ________________________for thepoor and ________________________________ for the wicked.

=10= There will be peaceful living between ___________________ and___________________Isa 11:6

=11= There will be no evil because the earth will be filled with___________________________Isa 11:9

The Judgment Of The Works Of Christians

=12= Read 2 Corinthians 5:9-10. Paul says that he tried to please the Lord. Why? v. 10

=13= On what will we be the basis of our judgment at the Judgment Seat of Christ? v. 10

In 1 Corinthians 3:11-15, the works of some believers are compared with gold, silver,and precious stones, of which they remain to pass through the judgment. Other believersbuilt with wood, hay, and stubble. Their works will be burned in the judgment.

=14= Since the works of some will remain…they will receive_______________________v. 14.

Since the works of others will be burned, they will suffer ________________________

but he himself shall be _____________________ yet so as by fire. (v. 15) This means thatsome saved believers will stand before God with empty hands, without anything to presentto the Lord.

The Judgment Of The Non-believers At The Great White Throne

Revelation 20:11-15 describes the judgment of the dead. All the works of thenon-believers will be examined.

=15= Who is the judge? v. 12

=16= What will happen with those whose names are not written in the book of life? v. 15

=17= How is the lake of fire described in Revelations 14:10-11?

=18= Who else will be in the lake of fire? Rev. 20:10


=19= Rom 8:21: “Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the_________________of ___________________ into the glorious ____________________of thechildren of God.”

After the Millennial kingdom and the Judgment of the Great White Throne, God willdestroy the present creation and He will create a new heaven, a new earth, and a newheavenly city. (Rev 21:1-3) In the holy city, God will live with His redeemed.

=20= From the following verses of Revelation, make note of some of the conditions thatwill be seen in the New Jerusalem and the New Earth:





To ThinkTo see the condition in which you find the world today, it would be very easy for a child of God to be discouraged doubting that God really is in control.

However, Bible prophecy gives us a view of the real situation. Meditate on the following passages:

“And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed…it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.” Dan 2:44

But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.” Dan 7:18

To ReflectWhat dominates more in the construction of your life?

_________ Gold, silver, and precious stones

_________ Wood, hay, and stubble.

We Must All Give Account To God

To Do

Make a note of the names of your acquaintances whose names are not written in the book of life.

Could you do something to change the eternal destiny of those persons? Ask God for an opportunity to speak to them of Christ.

To Grow

Read Rev 19-22 and Psalms 22-24 this week. (one chapter a day).

Memorize 2 Corinthians 5:10
“For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.”

Appendix 1

Knowing The Will Of God

=1= Do you believe that the will of God can be known? If not, see Psalms 32:8

=2= Are you in a position to obey the will of God, or do you only want to know what itis and then decide if you will obey it or not? John 7:17

=3= Have you ever made the decision to surrender your life completely to Christ? If youhave not already done it, meditate on Romans 12:1-2 and seek counsel from a matureChristian.

=4= Is there un-confessed sin in your life? Are you trying to live a normal life whilehiding something from God? If there is something, take time now and confess it. If you arenot in a position to do that, you seek the will of God for your life in vain. 1 John 1:9;Prov 28:13; Psalms 66:18.

=5= Are you obeying the will of God day by day? If not, begin today. The most importantthing is to fulfill what we already know is His will. For example, any Biblicalcommandment He reveals to us clearly is what He desires for us.

=6= When you consider making a decision, are you really in a position to followGod’s revealed path? Or have you already made your decision and really do not want tohear counsel from others or to submit to the decision to Biblical criteria? Pray to God,asking Him to give you an available heart to do His will, no matter what. Phil 2:13

=7= Are you praying specifically with respect to the decisions that you must make? Aimyour thoughts toward the pending decisions and pray for them. Pray with faith, trustingthat God will give you an answer. James 1:5-7; Mark 10:51

=8= How is your devotional time each day? Are you in communion with God moment bymoment during the day? Are you reading the Bible daily and praying? If not, commityourself today to begin. Psalms 5:3

=9= Has God spoken to you through your daily reading of the Word? Do you feel that somepassages are touching your heart, calling you to change your lifestyle or calling you totake a certain course in your life? Make notes in a notebook of the things that you feelthat God is trying to say to you. If you are reading the Bible and feel that God has notyet indicated something specific, continue reading and expecting.

=10= Do you have all the information necessary regarding the decisions that you mustmake? If not, seek the necessary information to make a wise and informed decision.


=11= Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of thematter under consideration. Evaluate each advantage or disadvantage in the light of theScriptures.

=12= What does common sense tell you?

=13= What do you want to do? Do you have some preference? Psalms 37:4

=14= Before making a decision, ask how it is going to affect you spiritually,physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Meditate on the truth of 1 Cor6:12. The fact that something is not specifically prohibited does not mean that it is goodfor you.

=15= Have you evaluated if the decision that is considered will drown the healthythings of your life promoting desires for riches or pleasure, or will bring anxiety, etc,?Mark 4:1

=16= How will it affect others? Will it cause them to fall in faith? 1 Cor 10:23; Prov14:21 Will it glorify God? 1 Cor 10:31

=17= Have you sought counsel from mature brothers in the faith? Prov 15:22

=18= Evaluate if the decision that you are making will break some commandment of God?

=19= If it is not clear which is the indicated decision, are you in a position to waitwith faith until God gives you peace and appropriate circumstances? Heb 10:36

=20= If you have internal peace and conviction that it is the will of God, proceed withconfidence. Act by faith. Romans 14:23; Hebrews 11:6

Appendix 2

What Is Our Message? The Gospel In Review

There are many ways of presenting the gospel. We can use any of them, but always thereis a basic content that the person has to understand to be saved. The following plan ofsalvation is adapted from The Four Spiritual Laws.

=1= God loves you and has a plan for your life.
Joh 3:16 The love of God.
Joh 10:10b
The plan of God for your life.

Why do you believe that the majority of people do not experience thelove of God and His plan for their lives? We can find the answer in law number 2.

=2= Man is a sinner and is separated from God.
Rom 3:23 All are sinners.
Rom 6:23
The consequences of sin is spiritual death or separation from God.
Eph 2:8-9
We cannot save ourselves.

=3= Christ is the only provision for saving us. He died in our placeand raised from the dead.

Rom 5:8; 2 Cor 5:21 Christ died in our place. He received thepunishment for our sins.
Joh 14:6 Christ is the only way.
1 Cor 15:3-6 Christ was raised from the dead.

=4= We must receive Christ as our Savior.
Joh 1:12 Receive Christ to be a child of God.
Rev 3:20 Invite Him to enter your life.





















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